Cleo's Vip Room - Deposit problems

posted on September 24, 2013.

In the past week I have been trying to make a deposit at cleos vip room and keep getting denied and the cc info page tells me to keep trying I must have made a mistake in entering my cc info or there is a problem with my card or bank.Well I have talked to my bank 8 times in the past 6 days and there is no problem with my card or acct .When I talk to cleos customer service or chat or even email there support they keep saying its me not them .On the cc info page there is obvious errors for example next to the card holders name there is a check mark with a circle around it and next to that there is a question mark when you put your cursor on the question mark its suppose to say this is where your name goes but I doesn't it says to input the digits on the front of your card . THAT IS AN ERROR .And like most cc info pages if there is an error on the page the transaction wont go any further than the cc info page .I have pointed this out to customer service chat and support and I get the same generic emails back saying that they checked it out and cant find the problem .no matter how many times I tell them what the problem is they keep sending me the same answer we checked it out and it must be my mistake and I should use a different card .Well I dont have a different card just the one .The same one I have used at cleos for 23 deposits . I have told them this 4 times and they keep sending me the same generic email saying use a different card .It looks to me that they don't even read the emails and just send out the same generic message.Hey cleos don't you care about players anymore or are you stupid enough to try to get rid of an heavily depositing player As I have said in previous posts WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE .Or maybe cleos is going under and wants to deal with players as little as possible till they sellout or are just gone.Also if you notice when you post messages on cleos facebook page that dosnt give them all kinds of praise they delete it and wont let you post or comment on there page anymore

posted on January 13, 2014.

Since about july I have HAD NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS WITH CLEOS VIP ROOM.Not only have they raised the odds so high there is no way to make your playthrough let alone win anything .But half the time I have all kinds of problems depositing and when I contact support they send me an email saying sorry here is a $20 chip well if you play at cleos you know that a $20 chip will last you about 3 min its that bad .Now as of this morning they just take your deposit and don't credit you acct a penny. and all I get from Louis in chat is sorry we don't do weekends {first casino iv ever seen that's not 24/7}and im suppose to somehow send them a copy of my bank statement. Why so they can clean out my acct completely .Not sure what to do now cleos is the only place that has the kingsburry games.Maybe I sould delete them completely and just be done with it .For now I guess I have to wait till support gets around to letting me know how many hoops to jump trough or sheer hell to go through to get my money back im sure it wont be easy .By the way there system constantly disconnects every time I change games or up my bet or most of the time get free spins .I have even talked to a couple of friends that are programmers at major casinos and they tell me there are most likely cheats in the software.When I emailed support with this info and an offer to give them the programmers contact info they just told me its my system and to make allowences on my antivirous .Well my system was just gone through by geek squad and I have made the exception in my antivirous and it still happens .So here I sit .

posted on January 14, 2014.

Dear askgamblers,

The purchase issues the player describes in this thread have been resolved. With regards to the games' fairness, all of our games are BMM certified for fair gaming.