Cleos Vip Room - cannot make deposits again

posted on March 8, 2014.

today is march 8th 2014, I want to let cleos know that I have been trying again for going on six days now to make a deposit with no success, you took the paytoo cc icon off so I cant make one thru that neither even after I changed the email because paytoo woul not take my current email address so it seems to me it was all for nothing, live chat doesn't know nothing everytime I get them on line to question y I cant get the deposit to go thru they have no answers, so it seems to me you all need to put the cashier department on line so they can answer these questions an they can get a better understanding of the costumers of why their depsoits r not going through. im very upset over this , it seems the biggest part of my time is spent contacting live chat over making depsoits for me, all I want is to play an my depsoits to be successful. please fix this so I can play.........

posted on March 20, 2014.

Dear Askgamblers team,

The player has been able to make purchases in the past few days. Rest assured we're always looking to expand our payment options.