Boyle Casino - Christmas Giveaway Promo Bonus Not Given

Alex Ynot United States
posted on January 14, 2016.

I, the Claimant, opted in and participated in Christmas Giveaway promotion announced on 26/12/2015 by BoyleSports at its website (the “Promotion”). Claimant staked over £1,000 on slots before 11 am on 27/12/2015 to win £100 as per the terms and conditions of the promotion, losing £100 in the process.

On 29/12/2015, the day following the end of Promotion, the Claimant discovered a message of the same date from the Respondent in his inbox at the Respondent’s site (the “Error Message”), admitting that the original terms (the “Original Terms”) had contained an error and that respective wagering requirement have been changed, effective 11 am 27/12/2015. Under the revised terms (the “Revised Terms”), staking requirements have been increased tenfold, meaning that in order to receive £100 cash reward customers should have staked over £10,000.

The Claimant E-mailed the Respondent on 29/12/2015 disagreeing with retroactive application of the revised terms to him, based on the fact that he staked over £1,000 long before the Revised Terms took effect, and that therefore, the Claimant was due £100 cash reward as per the Original Terms. As of 13/01/2016, despite several requests from the Claimant, the Respondent failed to make the cash reward of either £100 as per the Original Terms or even £10 as per the Revised Terms. This is despite claims of other gamblers on social media that they have been compensated full £100 as per the Original Terms.

On 31/12/15 the Respondent’s representative apologized and promised to remedy the situation but shortly after this position was reversed. No adequate explanation or reasoning was provided in response to the Claimant’s complaints made via E-mail and the Live Chat facility of the Respondent’s website. Immediately after the complaints, the Claimant received multiple requests from the compliance department of the Respondent for various documents with warning of account suspension, all betting history of the Claimant disappeared from the History tab at the Respondent’s website and the Error Message was deleted from the Claimant’s inbox without his prior knowledge or consent.

The Claimant considers that the conduct of the Respondent constitutes breach of contract, is unfair, unreasonable and illegal, and hereby requests compensation in the amount of £100.

posted on January 18, 2016.

We been informed by casino management that issue with a Christmas bonus promotion is presented in front of official regulatory body of Boyle Casino. We consider this complaint unresolved until casino send to AskGamblers Complaint Team a decision of the regulatory body.