CasinoEuro ignoring payment

posted on February 14, 2011.


I am writing to you in connection with a complaint regarding CASINOEURO.COM, my name Stephen Croke, of County Kildare, Ireland, my user name with the casino is *******, and I'm registered with the e-mail address of *******

I have been a player in the casino since Feb 22nd,2009 and gambled on a monthly basis, as I got their bonus offers. I never had any winnings but kept the faith and gambled.

On 18th Nov (or 19th) 2010 I finally won and reached total withdrawal of €2300.

On 21st Nov, I was requested to send my ID + utility bill, did so, and on the following day received this confirmation from casino support: ( from suppor­t-e­[email protected]­asi­noe­

Thank you for your documents. We have now forwarded them to our Payments

department for verification. We will get back to you by email as soon as

your documets have been verified.

Have a nice evening!

Best regards


CasinoEuro Support

Two days later, I have been told that the documents were not acceptable:

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for playing at CasinoEuro.

Our payments department has now informed us that we unfortunately cannot

accept the scan of your passport you sent us.

I would appreciate if you could send us a scan or a picture of another

form of ID (a driver's license for example) instead.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Feel free to contact us again should you have any questions about this.

Best regards


CasinoEuro Support

Then, I received the same email but this time they asked for another form of ID since they " could not verify my passport". I have sent them my scanned driver licence but once again they replied that they could not verify my second ID and they decided to lock my account and not to process my payment. I have replied back to their support again that I followed their request and provided them with 2 TYPES OF ID and I deserve to be paid with my fair winnings but this time they sent me another email which says:

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your email to CasinoEuro.

Please kindly note that the terms and conditions that apply in our casino are the ones stated in our website and nowhere else.

The decision regarding your account was taken by our Risk and Fraud department and it is final.

Have a nice day.

Best regards


CasinoEuro Support

On the face of it, it certainly appears that I met all of their terms and conditions but the casino decided to ignore my fair winnings and lock my account for no real reason and CHEET after I had my first ever withdrawal from their casino.

I do appriciate your help to handle this case on my behalf to make this casino to honor my payment withdrawal after I followed their request and sent them my needed documents twice with 2 types of my ID.


Stephen Croke

posted on February 14, 2011.


With reference to the complaint posted by Stephen Croke on 14.02.2011, referring to a witheld payment, this was due to the fact that the Casinoeuro Fraud team was not able to verify the authenticity of the submitted documents. Standard procedure is to request a second document should the fraud team have reasonable doubt on documents submitted. However, even the second document was not verifiable.

Due to data protection laws, Casinoeuro is not at liberty to share these documents with

However, in view of the customers complain, I have asked the Fraud team to re-examine the documents provided. We hope to have a response to the player by Friday 18th Febuary

posted on February 16, 2011.

for support,

I have received your update and I wish to thank you for your assitance,

I have sent a new email to support to solve this matter

between us peacfully and for me to be paid with my full fair winnings from

this casino... I adressed my email to the managment, but they decided

to totally ignore my email and permenantly lock my account ...

I guess it's due to the compalint I opened against them for them being unfair

with paying lucky winnings....

I really don't think that's the way that a casino should handle players..I have no

idea why they treating my case in such manners ...

I really hope you will be able to continue and help me to be paid with my winnings

thank you very much for your help


(my casinoeuro login is : dtbett77 )

posted on February 20, 2011.

Hello Sirs,

I wish to thank you with your help regarding the payment problem

I had with casinoeuro.

I wish now to update you that my payment has been processed to me

and I have been fully paid thanks to your help and presure on this casino.

thank you once again for your assistance