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Casino Euro - Ignoring Payment

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Posted on May 1, 2015

CasinoEuro ignoring payment

Posted: 29 September 2011, 21:00 AM by Euroknaller


I am writing to you in connection with a complaint regarding CASINOEURO.COM, my name is D. M************** from Amsterdam the Netherlands, my user name with the casino is Euroknaller, and I'm registered with the e-mail address of xxxxxx­xxx­@ho­tma­

I have been a player in the casino for over a year and gambled on a monthly basis, as I got their bonus offers. I never had any winnings but kept the faith and gambled.

On 21th September 2011 I finally won and reached total withdrawal of €2504,69.

I was requested to send my ID + utility bill, did so, and on the following day received this confirmation from casino support: ( from suppor­t-n­[email protected]­asi­noe­ The Name of employee/worker is Frits or Elizabeth.

Thank you for your documents. We have now forwarded them to our Payments

department for verification. We will get back to you by email as soon as

your documents have been verified.

Have a nice evening!

Best regards


CasinoEuro Support

A days later, I have been told that the documents were not acceptable:

Dear < name removed >,

Thank you for playing at CasinoEuro.

Our payments department has now informed us that we unfortunately cannot

accept the scan of your visacard you sent us.

I would appreciate if you could send us a scan or a picture of another

form of ID (a driver's license for example) instead.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Feel free to contact us again should you have any questions about this.

Best regards


CasinoEuro Support

Then, I received the same email which says that the verification by visacard holder was ok but this time they asked for full colour scans from the front and backside from my visacard. I have replied back to their support again that I followed their request and provided them with readable scans full in colour. Employee Frits replied and that he has sent it to another department who will look into this matter. After a day I received a mail that they decided to lock my account and not to process my payment. I have replied back to their support again that I followed their request and provided them with TYPES OF ID and I deserve to be paid with my fair winnings but this time they sent me another email which says:

Dear < name removed >,

Thank you for your email to CasinoEuro.

The decision regarding your account was taken by our Risk and Fraud department and it is final. This also means that the winning money is taken by our Risk and Fraud department and it is final. Any reply on this matter we do not answer.

Best regards


CasinoEuro Support

On the face of it, it certainly appears that I met all of their terms and conditions but the casino decided to ignore my fair winnings and lock my account for no real reason and CHEET after I had my first ever withdrawal from their casino.

I do appriciate your help to handle this case on my behalf to make this casino to honor my payment withdrawal after I followed their request and sent them my needed documents twice with 2 types of my ID.


D. < name removed >

I also read a similar/ same case of dtbett77 that was solved

Posted on September 30, 2011

Reaction from Eliza Casinoeuro in Holland... 2.1.6. You must enter all mandatory information requested into Your registration form, in particular, Your identity, Your address and contact details, including a valid e-mail address, Your place of residence, relevant payment information, all of which must be true and correct. It is Your sole responsibility to ensure that the information You provide is true, complete and correct and You hereby decorate and warrant to CasinoEuro that the information provided is true, complete and correct. You are hereby notified that CasinoEuro carries out verification procedures, whether itself or through third parties on players depositing money. You may be requested to provide CasinoEuro with documents, such as a copy of the passport. Your Member Account may be blocked or closed if You do not provide requested information or documents or if such information or documents you supply is/are found false or misleading.

For support,

I have received your update and I wish to thank you for your assistance,

Now I have just received the above email from Eliza She referred me to Article 2.1.6 of the conditions. By registration I write my anonymous name “Jayden Mango” because I did not know if I could trust this site but for the rest as address etc was correct…afterwards I try, but could not change the name anymore. Sorry for this. But if you see all evidences and see from which banc account and also visa card the deposits came from you will see that it is on the name of D. < name removed >. I am also working at a well know Dutch insurance company as claim handler. So I know everything about fraud. Please help me with this matter. I can not stand injustice. If you need more evidence I can mail it to you.

I have sent a new email to support to solve this matter

between us peacefully and for me to be paid with my full fair winnings from

this casino... I also addressed my email to the management and complaint department, but they decided to totally ignore my email and permanently lock my account ...

I guess it's due to the complaint I opened against them for them being unfair

with paying lucky winnings....

I really don't think that's the way that a casino should handle players. I have no

idea why they treating my case in such manners ...i can not stand injustice. I have al the right document they needed. They said themselves that my verification by VISACard was ok and also accepted.

I really hope you will be able to continue and help me to be paid with my winnings

thank you very much for your help. If you want I can sent al my evidences/ documents to you to see it that I am a right and it seems like they want to keep my winnings for their own purposes.

D. < name removed >

(my casinoeuro login is : Euroknaller )


Posted on April 23, 2015

This case has been reopened upon Casino Euro request and we would like to give it one more chance for a successful resolution.

Posted on April 23, 2015

The provided documents were unclear copies and we requested new ones. After contacting by our Customer Support, the client actually admitted the person < name removed > doesn't exist. That is the name on the account involved.

Account was closed and winning confiscated.

Posted on April 27, 2015

Can you please confirm that you received your deposit back?

Posted on May 1, 2015

Based on the evidence that we received from a casino management, we can confirm that this player didn't pass a verification process, and his deposit was returned. We consider this complaint resolved and closed.

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