Casino Euro - Bonus not credited, staff rude and useless

posted on February 28, 2014.

A brief synopsis

Casino Euro sent me an email, a promotion for a "50% bonus" up to 500 EUR" As a long time online casino enthusiast, I am fully aware that it means, deposit 1000, to get 500.

I clicked on the link. After 5-6 attempts of failed transactions, I deposited 606 Euros, so approx. 500 gbp in my home cuurency. Expecting a 303 EUR bonus.

I didn't get the bonus.

Instead, I got 20 minutes of patronizing live chat, from somebody who obviously has it in their remit to treat everyone like idiots. With the final words being, "you would only receive a 250 eur bonus, as that is half of 500"

After questioning their interpretation of the terms, which were quite clear, I got passed onto another person. They were equally ignorant, actually started sending me messages to wind me up, 'you sound stress, let me help" and...


I've made a withdrawal request. No doubt that will be another week before a reply.

And do you know what the final joke was? On the automated email from my withdrawal request, the header said, "Nicola, claims your 500 Euro bonus NOW!!!!"

Here is a copy of the chat.

Olivia: Hi, my name is Olivia.

NICOLA SHAFFER: Hi, I deposited for a 50% bonus

NICOLA SHAFFER: I received an email from you guys

Olivia: Hi, I see.

NICOLA SHAFFER: I deposited 606 Eur. it took a while to get in, but its in now

NICOLA SHAFFER: But no bonus credited

Olivia: Oh I see, just a moment and I will check this.


Olivia: Could you please send us the email that you received from us, to suppor­[email protected]­asi­noe­ and we will be able to credit this. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please do not play for the money during the time. We willl be happy to help you with this.

NICOLA SHAFFER: Well how long is that going to take? Why do you send me an email and then not honour the bonus

NICOLA SHAFFER: You sent me the email on Feb 26th, at 102pm

NICOLA SHAFFER: ive sent the mail. please credit the bonus

Olivia: Thank you, if you want you can hang on while we wait for the email.

NICOLA SHAFFER: Yes please. Its getting a bit late though, need to sleep, work early!!

Olivia: I see, no problem we can send you an email as soon as this is done for you. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

NICOLA SHAFFER: no thats not acceptable. You sent me an offer, I haven't been credited. I've sent you a mail, as per request. an email takes 2 seconds to deliver. THis should not take any longer than 2 minutes to resolve. This is not 1983, it's 2014.

NICOLA SHAFFER: do you have the email now

Olivia: I understand that you are feeling this way. We have a lot to do at the moment and we are doing our best to help you. As you said that you needed to sleep, I thought you might wanted us to send an conformation when it is added. I have the email now and I am talking to the relevant department.


NICOLA SHAFFER: Yes, but its quite a big amount of money I deposited, so am a little concerned

Olivia: I totally understand that and I know that it is frustrating. I am checking it right now, and as I said we really apologize for this.

Olivia: At the moment, unfortunately we have no one here that can credit this bonus right now. I am really sorry, but I need to send this to the bonus appartment that will add this during the night. You will receive an email as soon as this is done. You will get the bonus on the amount 500 Euro, as you have deposited 606 Euro you can play for 106 during the waiting time if you like. I am really sorry for this waiting.

NICOLA SHAFFER: The bonus is 50% up to500. So I get a 303 bonus.

NICOLA SHAFFER: 50% is 50% of a 1000 deposit, how hard is that to work out

NICOLA SHAFFER: That is outrageous

NICOLA SHAFFER: Why is this not automated in this day an age? I clicked via your link

Olivia: This is what you sent me "NICOLA, we have a special treat for you. We're offering you an exclusive reload bonus of 50% up to €500."

NICOLA SHAFFER: yes and 50% of 1000 is 500

NICOLA SHAFFER: I deposited 600, 50% of which is 3003


NICOLA SHAFFER: christ, a 3 year old could do those maths

Olivia: It should be automatic but something went wrong. No this is meant that you wil get 50% of the amount 500 Euro if you deposit 500 Euro you will get 250 in bonus.

NICOLA SHAFFER: 50% of the deposit!!!

NICOLA SHAFFER: Did you write it in senagalese? No it's english. A 50% bonus, up to 500. It doesn't say a a bonus of 50% of the deposit.

Olivia: As I said, you can read it in the email. Now I have explained to you that this is how we mean in the email that you wil get 50% up to 500, that you will get 250 as bonus.

NICOLA SHAFFER: OK, if the 303 is deposited in the next 5 minutes, I will play. If it is not, I will withdraw. I'm not going to be treated like an idiot

NICOLA SHAFFER: I will also be sending this to regulators and the ask gamblers forum

NICOLA SHAFFER: You email is misleading, and is not being honourd

NICOLA SHAFFER: I'm the english one here.I can read what it says. Please do not patronise me

Olivia: I apologize if you are feeling that I am treating you like this.My colleague will help you further.

James: Hi, my name is James.

Olivia has left the chat.

James: Hello Nicola.


James: Please let me read the chat real quick so that I can see what has been said. One moment please

NICOLA SHAFFER: Is the 50% bonus going to be credited now or not

NICOLA SHAFFER: If not, I'm withdrawing, and complaining, not wasting any more of my time

James: 2 minutes please

James: So, now I'm back.

NICOLA SHAFFER: I'm not going to go through all this again

James: You don't need to. I understand that there is some confusion regarding the rules of the bonus?

NICOLA SHAFFER: there is no confusion

James: Oh great.

NICOLA SHAFFER: 50% up to 500, means deposit 1000 get 500. At EVERY casino in the world

James: No, that is incorrect I'm afraid

NICOLA SHAFFER: I deposited 606, for a 303 bonus

NICOLA SHAFFER: It's not incorrect. And I will be putting this on the ask gambler forums, and to your regulator/

NICOLA SHAFFER: You sent me an email for a bonus that you haven't credited, and with bad English that you are trying to turn in your favour

NICOLA SHAFFER: I guarantee I'm the person on this chat who's first language is english, and I'm being treated like an idiot

James: I'm American so I'm not really sure if that is the problem. If you like I can explain how it works?

NICOLA SHAFFER: hmmm,seems strange, didn't realise malta had a large US popula­tio­n........but I guess thats just a front for a dodgy casino

NICOLA SHAFFER: I dont need an explanation. I've played casinos for 12 years

James: Well you learn something new every day Nicola

NICOLA SHAFFER: but thanks again for reinforcing your belief that I am stupid.

James: What?

James: Who said you are stupid?

NICOLA SHAFFER: I've literally had 20 mins of patronising messages

James: You seem very upset Nicola. I can help you if you like?

NICOLA SHAFFER: I'm withdrawing now. bye

James: It wont work I'm afraid

James: You have to wager the deposit

James: before you can withdraw

NICOLA SHAFFER: It will. Because I will contact Visa and make a criminal complaint

posted on April 12, 2014.

 Based on player's last comment below this case is now closed and considered as successfully resolved.