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Casino Bellini - Won't allow withdrawal (issue with bonus)

posted on September 2, 2012.

I am getting the run around from Casino Bellini. A few days ago I deposited $50, and received $100 bonus (I didn't ask for the bonus, they just gave it to me). I went on the win and tried to withdraw $1,000. At that time, they removed the $100 bonus, so the amount pending withdraw was $900.

A couple days later I receive an email stating that my withdraw request was denied because I had not met the wagering requirements.

I immediately contacted online support for clarification. First, I made the point that it clearly states on their T&C's, that a player must request the bonus. I did not request it, nor want it.

They then told me those T&C's (per their website) are not relevant to "my bonus", because I am somehow a "VIP" and my bonus falls under different T&C's. Therefore, under the VIP bonus T&C,s bonuses are automatically given.

I then told them that I was never made aware of the VIP T&C's, including any bonus provisions or wager requirements. They told me quote "Its not in the website because its a special promotion"

They then told me they sent me an email (6 months ago) telling me i had been upgraded to "VIP Bronze" and that the terms were in that email. As you could appreciate, emails from casinos aren't high on my priority reading list, and most go directly to spam. In any event, i searched for this email but could not find it.

In fact, one rep said "you didn't receive such because your account is blocked from receiving emails from sometime now"... not sure what this means, but perhaps they were aware they I didn't receive the supposed email in question.

OK, I do not accept this, because in order for Terms & Conditions to apply, one must be made aware of them and accept them. I was not... The only T&C's I had been made aware of were the ones on their website, and nowhere in those terms do it state that the casino has the right to automatically issue bonuses. And because my bonus apparently falls into some black hole in the terms, it should therefore be captured under the "General" section of the terms. Nowhere in that section does it mention any wager requirements for my country of residency.

... but let's move on for now.

After they re-credited my account with the withdrawal amount, the only credited the the withdrawal amount, not the bonus amount that they removed prior to withdrawal. i.e. I had $1,000 in there when i tried to withdraw, $900 winnings, $100 bonus. They denied withdraw, and only put $900 back into my account.

They however are still insisting I wager 25x the deposit + bonus amount, even though they have removed the bonus from me, because i tried to withdraw "too early" before meeting wager requirements. They refuse to re-credit the bonus amount, citing http:/­/ww­w.c­asi­nob­ell­­m/b­onu­s.h­tml­#mo­nthly Section #6.

Now, first of all, they just told me that those general T&C's per the website didnt apply to my bonus, instead the "VIP T&C's applied" - but now they are citing these same terms for another purpose. Regardless, nowhere in those terms, including section #6, does it state that a bonus cannot/will not be re-applied with a withdraw is denied.

It specifically says, "... the play bonus will be subtracted from your account balance or profits before settlement". In my case, there was no settlement. Settlement is when funds are "settled" into an account. Settlement DOES NOT mean when a customer requests a withdraw. Therefore the bonus should NEVER have been removed until the withdraw was approved and funds were transferred.

Therefore, since the withdraw was denied, the bonus should absolutely have been credited back also - especially since they still require me to meet the wager requirements of 25x deposit + bonus.

Finally, in regards to wager requirements. They have given me a figure I need to reach in order to be eligible to withdraw. They have said I need to wager another $1,159 before requesting another withdrawal.

I have asked them for RAW records of all my transactions during this period so that I can calculate/verify the amounts myself. Their software only allows you to check the last 100 transactions per game.

They refuse to forward me any records, other than aggregate totals of wagers I have made on various games.

I do not accept that they will not forward me the reports so I can verify, and I certainly do not accept the total figures they have given me.

Overall I am disgusted with these people at Casino Bellini. I haven't been online for a while, but several months ago when I was active, I spent very large sums of money with them. I certainly won't be spending one more penny, and I will be making sure I do everything in my power to make others aware of their antics.