Red Star Casino - Terrible miscommunication on a bonus cancellation

Azat Azat Russia
posted on August 30, 2016.

Hello! I got some weird situation with restar casino. I registered there made deposit of 1000 russian rubles and took bonus of 100%,so received 1000 on top of deposit.
I got very lucky on slot 300 shields and won 39385.25­tp:­//w­ww.a­sk­gam­ble­rs.c­om­/up­loa­ds/­com­pla­int­-pr­oof­/pn­g-1­0-5­7c5­bda­075­28f­73e­598­b45­c4.png

I am a new player i never had big winings like that,i was very happy. After i though what maybe i can cancel bonus and take part of my winings,so i contacted support to ask
more about that. Here is original screens,all conversation is on russian,after gonna be a translation.

So here is translation:

Azat: How i can cancel my bonus? If its not wagered yet

Welcome to the RSP casino! Wait please for operator..

Operator 3 is available. Curently on the room: Operator 3, Azat.

Operator 3: Hello! Can i please have your login?

Azat: azaaza99

Operator 3: You want to cancel your bonus?

Azat: Yes

Azat: And how much i will loose from my balance?

Operator 3: Your bonus have been successfully canceled. Please refresh the page for information update.

Azat: How much rubles i will loose?

Azat: I cant access my account

Operator 3: On your balance 0,available bonuses 0

Operator 3: Please try to login from another browser

Azat: i cant login from another browsers as well

Operator 3: please try this link : https:­//w­ww.r­ed­sta­rca­sin­

Azat: alright it works

Azat: and where is my money?

Operator 3: We canceled only bonus

Azat: So how much rubles you cancelled?

Operator 3: Bonus

Azat: I have 0 rubles on my balance

Azat: it should be like that?

Azat: hello? why i have 0 on my balance?

Azat: Im sorry,are you here?

Operator 3: In case, if untill the wagering requirements player requesting withdraw
or transfer of funds(transfer for sports betting as well), all funds on bonus account
and received on wagering process gonna be canceled and wegering of bonus gonna be stopped.

Operator 3: We canceled your bonus

Azat: But i asked you how much money i gonna loose,and you cancelled it without answer to
my question

Operator 3: First we asked you if you wanna cancel your bonus,and after was your

Operator 3: We gonna send our conversation for our support team. You will receive email in
12 hours.

Azat: Well its late now, and i think we had a miss comunication,please give me back my
balance and i gonna keep wagering my bonus.

Operator 3: We gonna send our conversation for our support team,sadly we cant make now
how it was before.

Operator 3: Please wait for our answer on email

Operator 3: Bye! And have a great day!

operator 3 left the conversation

After i received e-mail from redstar:



You asked us on chat to cancel your bonus,we did it.

If you cancel bonus, all funds on bonus account are cancelled as well.
We cant give you back your bonus money.

But we gonna make you a gift and you will receive bonus 6000 with wagger requirement 240000 rub(x40)



You asked us on chat to cancel your bonus,we did it.

If you cancel bonus, all funds on bonus account are cancelled as well.
We cant give you back your bonus money.

But we gonna make you a gift and you will receive bonus 6000 with wagger requirement 240000 rub(x40)

So how you can see on the chat converstation, dear operator 3 instead to answer to my question was hurry up to cancel my bonus.
He just gave up on me,this situation is insane! I totally got scamed cause mistake of operator.
As you can see on screen with winnings i had on balance 40211 rub and 32445 left to wagger! So it means what i had 8000 clear winnings and 32445 with wagger x1.
And what they gave me? Bonus 6000 with wagger x40? what is less 5% chances to make wagger of it.
i hope i can find the truth here! Please help me,thanks!

posted on September 1, 2016.

Dear Azat Azat,

Your bonus wasn't confiscated, it was cancelled by your own request. Our customer service team asked you if " You want to cancel your bonus?" and received your definite answer "Yes". They did what you asked and in 43 seconds later you asked "And how much i will loose from my balance?", at the same time when Operator confirmed that your request has been executed. We are ready to provide AskGamblers with a copy of the chat log.

Before you asked for the cancellation, you should have read the bonus terms, such as:

- After activation all bonus funds and casino winnings will be credited to bonus account and will be transferred to real account after rollover requirement will be met
- Where a customer requests a withdrawal or transfer out of their casino account, prior to the necessary wagering requirement being met, they will lose all bonus and winnings attributable to the account.

The bonus, that was given to your account of the amount of 6000 RUB, was a goodwill from our casino and not a compensation for this issue.

I hope this clarifies the matter, and if you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Best regards,

Red Star

Azat Azat Russia
posted on September 1, 2016.

But maybe before the bonus cancellation operator should provide me link with terms,or maybe explain this part? But not after cancellation? Just because i am a new player on this casino.
He clearly saw my situation on balance,as i typed before i had 8000 clearly winning and amount of 32000 with wager x1, obviously no one will cancel this right? To have 0 on balance,sounds like some kind of donation to casino. Make no sense at all! But no,instead of help me and explain all risks your support just gave up on me.

And was my answer "yes" so clear? Not really,i joined with chat with a question "How i can cancel my bonus? If its not wagered yet" , i dint say nothing like " dear support please cancel my bonus right now,i'm bored of playing."
The key word is HOW,it means operator 3 there must to explain me step by step the cancellation bonus process. And my answer "yes" to his question was general,what means i would like to take this option,if it's gonna satisfy me,and right after i asked how much money i will loose,to know if this option gonna satisfy me or no and make my final decision.

posted on September 2, 2016.

Dear Azat Azat,

You accepted the terms that I mentioned when you activated the bonus, otherwise bonuses aren't credited.

Live chat operators should follow the demand of customer. At the same time each operator can chat with 3-5 different people. When you open a live chat you write a topic - in your case the question was How I can cancel my bonus if it isn't cleared yet? After that the operator asked you - Did you want to cancel your bonus and you have replied Yes (with no comments). If you asked the operator about bonus rules they would explain it to you, but this hasn't been done.

Red Star

Azat Azat Russia
posted on September 2, 2016.

ahhhh so your operators are talking with 5 costumers at same time,make sense now..
So this is why he instead to answer on my initial question made "answer to answer" to hurry up all things.
About my yes with no comments this is such a big lie,why? After i typed yes i was typing my question "how much money i will loose" and at this time dear operator 3 should see on his chat something like "Azat is typing...". He should wait while i finish to type! But obviously no, cause he have open chat with few more players and they are waiting for replies as well.
But you know what? This is not my problem,what your operators are so busy. If you are called as "top casino" you should have every single thing on TOP level.

Well i am done to talk here,all proofs by my part are on topic. Hope dear manager of RS casino gonna provide chat logs.

posted on September 5, 2016.

Dear Azat Azat,

Please find the chat log below.

Red Star Team

posted on September 8, 2016.

The issue was completely settled on the 6th of September. The bonus was refunded in full.
The player accepted our offer, completed the wager and withdrew his money.

Thank you, Askagamblers, for your cooperation

Best Regards,
Red Star Team

posted on September 10, 2016.

Dear @azaaza99,

It is a nice practice to confirm if your complaint is resolved or not. Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved.

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