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BitStarz Casino - Refusing 4,4 BTC withdrawal claiming cashback bonus is a no deposit bonus!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino BitStarz Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount BTC 4.4
Saligan8six United States Message
Posted on October 14, 2017 refuses to pay me my winnings of 4.4 btc stating that any winnings from the loyalty bonus that is given out every Friday is capped at 25 mBTC since it is not tied directly to a deposit, even though the loyalty bonus is based on the amount deposited throughout the week or from the previous cashout. They basically stole my 4.4 btc and replaced it with 0.3 btc stating that it was 10x more than the maximum withdrawal amount that is associated with "free" bonuses because I was a "loyal" player and that if I was unsatisfied with this result then I have the option to opt out of the bonuses and play with my own money.

I've read through their ToS several times prior to them taking my winnings, however, there is nothing that directly links the loyalty bonus to the ToS "free" bonus rules. I even have an email from one of their VIP Managers that explicitly states that their Friday loyalty bonus is a 15% cashback bonus given out every Friday, and since it's 15% of all my deposits for the week it is clearly not a free bonus. Bitstarz even admits that cashback bonuses are not held to the same terms as a free deposit bonus in a previous complaint by user J K here on AskGambler.


Additionally, there was nothing that would have informed me that the loyalty bonus was supposed to be considered a capped 25 mBTC bonus. Even the Friday email that notifies you that you received the bonus does not provide any statement or link to the ToS, unlike the email notifications for free spins which directly state that those bonuses have "terms and conditions that apply". The only information given is that the bonus needs to be activated, and upon activation you must meet a wager requirement before the bonus expiration date:


Given the fact that my loyalty bonus was already 10x more than the 25 mBTC winnings cap for "free" bonuses and needed to wagered at least 35x, and all communications from Bitstarz failed to associate the loyalty bonus to the free deposit bonus terms in the ToS, any reasonable person would assume that the loyalty bonus isn't a free deposit bonus and clearly Bitstarz is just using that section of their ToS to scam players out of their legit winnings!

Based on the fact that the VIP Manager explicitly stated that the Loyalty Bonus I receive every Friday is a 15% cashback bonus instead of a free deposit bonus that they are currently claiming should be enough justification to show that they are trying to scam me of my legitimate winnings by selectively applying their ToS terms to a bonus that they have previously stated should not be subjected to those terms. I would like Bitstarz to actually pay me my legit winnings of 4.4+ btc since I've met their wagering requirements and have not violated their bonus ToS.

Posted on October 16, 2017

Dear all,

Upon being contacted by the player, it was discovered that he is absolutely correct. We made
a mistake deducting the funds from him, and he was paid out in full a few days ago.

The money has since then been withdrawn by the player to his wallet.

Kind Regards,


Saligan8six United States Message
Posted on October 16, 2017

Just wanted to say thanks to Olle from since he was able to help get the confiscated winnings returned to me and have no further complaints.

Posted on October 16, 2017

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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