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BaoCasino - Closed my account with €5,000 balance accusing me of 'money laundering'

Complaint Info
Disputed casino BaoCasino
Reason Account closure
Amount € 5000
Posted on September 26, 2019


I have found out about this Casino a while ago and deposited a bit.

Then I won a nice amount in a Slot game. Casino asked me for a lot of documents which I all send them. They asked for:
- Front ID
-Back ID
- Proof of Address
- Photos of my Credit Card
- Selfie of me, my ID and a Note of paper with "Hi Bao"

I submitted ALL of these documents. Then they said they will check within 1 Hour. when i logged in again in the evening (20th of september, 18:58) I received the notice that my account is disabled. (see attached image) . Also chat wrote me: " Natalie, your account needs additional examination. Within this time your player account is closed per administration's decision."

I Submitted a complaint on Friday already but it was rejected from askgamblers team because I need to give them time to finish investigation. I totally understand this!

So I have waited until Wednesday (25th of September) then the chat told me:

"Earlier, we sent a letter to your email.
We want to inform you that your account in our casino was closed per administration's decision and the funds were confiscated. Our security system has discovered that you participated in fraudulent action (in particular, money laundering). According to the rules of our casino, we reserve the right not to process withdrawals in a case of fraudulent and illegal activities (including participation that would be in breach of the law in your local jurisdiction).
For more information refer to this link (section "Anti-Fraud Policy"): https:­//b­aoc­asi­no.c­om­/te­rms­-an­d-c­ond­itions"

Now I can not login and can not withdraw my money. I have no Idea what that means and I have just used my personal credit card to deposit and my Coinbase Account.

Please see all attachments of Chat and the notice of account closure.

Posted on September 26, 2019

Dear NTINBER1 and AskGamblers team,

Fight against fraud is of utmost importance to each online casino, therefore we have a strict anti-fraud policy and utilize various anti-fraud tools and techniques to promptly expose fraudulent activity and prevent it from continuing.

In this particular case, we received a warning from our anti-fraud team that this player created an account with an aim to perform an illegal activity, namely money laundering. Note, that the payment system used for depositing differed from the one used for requesting the withdrawal, which always causes suspicions. The player was informed about the reason for the account closure via e-mail.

We value our players and by no means do we want to mistreat them in any way, so when the player started complaining to our support team, we contacted our anti-fraud department to clarify all the details of this situation. We requested another pack of documents, necessary for providing evidence that the player had not performed any illegal activity. We are attaching a screenshot of an e-mail where the aforementioned was requested via an e-mail to AskGamblers team.

As soon as we receive the requested documents the anti-fraud team will be able to provide more feedback concerning this case. Failure to provide them, in turn, will serve as evidence that the player’s funds used for depositing were acquired by illegal means.

We do not deem it reasonable to keep this complaint open, as we are capable of resolving the issue directly with the player. Moreover, we have not violated any of our terms and are acting according to our anti-fraud policy.

Hoping for your understanding and prompt resolution of this complaint.

Kind regards,
Bao Casino team

Posted on September 26, 2019

Hello Dear AskGambler Team and BaoCasino,

This really proves again how helpful this Complaint Feature of AskGamblers is. Because before they told me that this decision is final and can not be appealed. Now just a few hours after this Complaint was published BaoCasino send me an Email asking for a ridiculous amount of verification. Even tho I have already provided everything they have asked for. (Even a Selfie with my ID and a note with Hi Bao).

So please all players who think about playing at BaoCasino take a look at this photo. If you win they will first acuse you of money laundering, then you need to make a complaint on AskGamblers and then you will need to send them about 10 other Documents.

But of course I will send Bao these documents.
@AskGamblers Can I please ask you to extend this for at least 7 Days? As It will take me some time to gather these Documents and also they are requesting "6)The same selfie with a note, only against the background of the house where the registration address is visible;" . I can not send this one right now because I am traveling for business.

and again regarding the accusation of Money Laundering:

They had Bitcoin as a Deposit Method. I used that Method for my 2nd deposit because I still had some coins in my coinbase account. Then I asked the Chat if I can also withdraw to Bitcoin and they said yes. So I asked for withdrawl for bitcoin. And BaoCasino even approved this Withdrawl per Email (see other Image attached).

Thank you and I hope we can close this Case. But all Future players thinking about Bao should think about this! I have plaid at 10+ Casinos before and never experienced anything like that.

Thank you!

Posted on September 26, 2019

Also @AskGamblers Team FYI:
I have just send the following reply to BaoCasino Team.
Thank you!

Posted on September 27, 2019


We would like to stress that the e-mail where the documents were requested was sent to you not after the complaint was published but actually before. The exact publishing time of the complaint is not visible here on the complaint page, unfortunately, maybe @AskGamblers team can help us figure it out. Anyway, as we have mentioned, we decided to consult with our anti-fraud team once again because you numerously contacted our support team with complaints, and we wanted to request all possible details to provide you with.

Once again, we are not trying to take advantage of your winnings. Our aim is to prevent fraud activities at our online casino and follow our anti-fraud policy. We will be waiting for the requested documents, please, send them via e-mail as soon as you can.

Kind regards,
Bao Casino team

Posted on October 1, 2019

Hey AskGamblers Team,

please extend the Time here a little bit. Still working on sending them all the 10 Documents they have requested.

Thank you!

Posted on October 1, 2019


We will be patiently waiting for the necessary documents. However, on October 3rd it is going to be a week since we requested them. If you are not able to provide the requested information after a week passed we would kindly ask the @AskGamblers Team to consider this complaint for closing, as it obviously cannot go on forever.

Kind regards,
Bao Casino team

Posted on October 4, 2019

Dear @ntinber1,

Please let us know if you have cooperated the casino and sent the required paperwork. Please be in aware in case you fail to respond within the given time AskGamblers Complaints Team will have no other option but to reject this complaint upon submitter's unwillingness to cooperate.

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