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Lucky Club Casino - Bank withdrawal not right

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Lucky Club Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 115
Posted on July 24, 2014

I did a recent withdrawal my first one with this casino and it was for a total of 145.00 which was approved. This casino as it states charged me a fee of 30.00 for the bank wire and also as it states in the web page under banking rules it does make a note that my bank may charge additional fees which tthey are not responsible for. However when I received Money at my bank only 85.00 come in. My bank charged me no fee. I contacted customer support and told them and they said on know I was mistaking that my bank must have charged me a fee. I then got the paperwork from my bank like I was asked to do to prove that only 85.00 came in with no fee and sent it to customer service. At this point customer service said oh your a US player and sometimes wires go thru several banks before yours and your responible for those fees if charged not us. I have never ever heard of this and it your go to there web page and read under bank and bank wire transfers it does not state this at all.

Help me resolve this customer service is acting quite stupid here.

Posted on August 24, 2010

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for contacting us in regards to this issue.

We have reviewed the query and are aware of the issue.

Our website states clearly that fees will be incurred. http:/­/ww­w.l­uck­ycl­ubc­asi­no.c­om­/en­/ba­nki­ng/­wit­hdr­aw.aspx Quote: 'A fee of $30.00 will be charged for each payout. Please note that your bank might charge an additional fee!'

After denying the bonus at first, we advised the customer to use QuickTender or eWalletXpress as an alternative withdrawal method due to the fact that he had won with a $25 no deposit bonus and the maximum cash out was $125. However, the customer deposited $20 and then requested a payout of $145. From this amount we deducted $30 which the customer was well aware of and as stated on the website. Furthermore, this is also stated in the cashier when you click on details and that there might be additional fees charged by intermediary banks.

In our payout confirmation e-mail we have included the following information in regards to fees:

Any additional fees were most likely deducted by the third party bank that was involved in assisting your bank with the receiving and processing of the wire transfer. We did inform you in our payout confirmation e-mail that your bank and intermediary banks will also charge you a small fee for receiving the funds (approximately $20 - $30) for which we have no control over. Unfortunately, most of our US customers experience a deduction of a similar amount with each transfer. Because the funds are being sent from an international bank, it is common for an intermediary bank to be involved in the transfer process. The possibility of this occurrence is beyond our control and is stated in the Banking section of our website.

Please let me know if further assistance is required.

Kind Regards,


Posted on August 25, 2010

Dear Zoe at luckyclubcasino,

Your are correct that the money won was on a free 25.00 bonus play with a 5x max pay equals 125.00. However this is the first stupid thing about your software. I won at first 400.00 plus on this and try to cash out and you guys reversed it and changed it to leaving me 125.00 in the account. Fine but at that point how was I suppose to withdrawal the money. You have a 150.00 minimum on bank check and a 100.00 minimum on bank wire with upfront fees for both. You never suggested opening alt accounts however if you did that is stupid because you have no right to tell a customer like me how to get there money. If you want to set limits fine but not what to use. The other ways have fees as well. I contacted you guys about how to withdrawal the 125.00 and was told do a bank wire or check or however. I had to tell you your software would not allow this. I then went in and gambled the 125.00 and was able to get the balance op 155.00. I withdrawal the 155.00 with the software removing the 30.00 fee. Once again you denied this and returned the balance to 125.00. I then asked again how to do this and I suggested that I would deposit the additional money so my balance would be high enough to make the withdrawal and I was told OH NO don't do that I still don't know why. It seems like to me it was because you guys had me in a no win situation. Now lets look at the real issue here one more time and see you you can understand please! In your software it plainly states under your home web page click on bank, click on bank wire, click on withdrawals. A page comes up and says in clear English A fee of $30.00 will be charged for each payout. Please note that your bank might charge an additional fee! that's it that's what it says. Now let me explain it to you. That means that you guys will withhold 30.00 from the withdrawal to get the money to my bank which in this case is Renasant Bank in the US. That is my bank. It does state that my bank Renasnt Bank may charge me an additional fee and that is what you guys said at first to me. I told you no my bank charged no fee and I was told at that point to send proof of this and it would be resolved. I think that you guys did not believe that my bank charged no fee. After I sent to you the paper work from my bank showing the wire transaction with the number of the bank to contact and verify if you wished to, instead of resolving the issue and you doing what you said the next thing is about some e-mail sent after the fact of the wire going out saying in the e-mail that some other intermediate banks in the middle may also charge additional fees after the fact. Ha ha

That would be like going to gas station and buying gas on charge card for 2.49 a gallon. buying 20.00 worth which would be 8 gallons and after doing so and transaction is complete saying on the receipt Oh by the way we may charge you double so you only got 4 gallons too Bad. Bad, bad, bad. Shame on you.

Now please do the right thing and stand up and honor what your web page said upfront not after the fact.

I have sent a e-mail suggesting in the future that you change your web page to say this instead of what's above for the future. A fee of 30.00 will be charged for each payout. Please not in certain parts of the world the wire may have to go from us to several banks before your bank and all the banks in the middle may charge fees! You are responsible for those fees. Also Your bank might charge an additional fee!

That will handle your problem going forward but does not change my situation. Please do the right thing here otherwise me and others will understand that you will not honor anything that you say and what's next I win a small jackpot and after the fact you send me or others something saying Oh well it was Tuesday night Between 10:00 and 10:30 and we may no pay the full jackpot because of this. Last point here It is sad when a online casino, over a small 30.00 would treat a customer like this. I gamble between 5000.00 to 10000.00 monthly through online and at land base casino's. I have had issue from time to time with a few but all casino's with something like this happening have always apologized and sided with me the customer. I will wait for your decision I hope you will see this my way. Please send me or at least deposit 30.00 dollars in my account.


Posted on August 26, 2010


Thank you for your detailed comment.

1. Bonus Issue

You received a free bonus from us, so you can check out our casino. No deposit bonus offers always have certain regulations and at Lucky Club you will need to wager the no deposit bonus 60 times before a withdrawal is possible. The following games count towards fulfilling the wagering requirements for all bonuses (deposit and non-deposit): 7 Stud Poker, Bonus Bingo, European Slot Poker, Keno, Pai Gow Poker, Scratch Cards and all Slots. Any wagers made on excluded games before the play through requirements are completed, will result in the bonus and any winnings being voided. The maximum cash out amount for no-deposit bonus play is 5 times the bonus given, e.g. $50 given; max cash out = $250.

2. Alternative Methods

You had received two mails with information in regards to alternative withdrawal methods (The first e-mail was sent out on August 4th and the second one on August 5th) and the management reserves the right to assign a customer to a certain payout method, as stated in our terms and conditions (17. Payments will always be sent back to the processor by which deposits were made if possible. Lucky Club Casino reserves the right to make the final decision through which payout method the customer receives their payout.)

3. Depositing/Minimum Withdrawal Amount

The reason for not suggesting to deposit and then requesting a withdrawal was clearly the outcome we have now. I do apologize if you did not have the information about the additional fees earlier, but depositing to get the payout via Wire Transfer was obviously not a good idea. With regards to our limit for Wire Transfer, we do not pay out winnings below $100 because of the additional fees. Due to these fees it does not make sense to complete payouts for smaller amounts. I am sure you now appreciate this fact.

The website does state that additional fees might be deducted; however, we have updated the sentence to make it more clear and avoid any further misunderstandings. With that said, we have decided to make an exception, as a one-time courtesy, and reimburse you this fee.

If you have further questions, please let me know.

Posted on August 28, 2010

luckyclub casino,

I no longer have any complaint against your casino. I feel the way this was resolved was fair. I don't have any problems with the 3 points you made in your last response. I feel that you guys have the right to set any rules you wish for your business.

The only last point I will make to you guys is that I hope you will be open to customers that make your business go and allow comments and at time even criticize as this make for a healthy business relationship in my opinion.

Take point 2 Alternative Methods

I agree you have the right to select and post and make any withdrawal methods and associated fees available to customers based on your decision. Not al casinos offer the same withdrawal and even deposit methods. However stating that you guys have the lone right to select what payment method a customer must receive payment is a little scary. I would suggest you re-think this. I feel that this 1 point could drive a lot of business away. Simply making the point that you will post all withdrawal methods and the fees associated with this and then making the point that you have the right to delete and add withdrawal options as you wish would be a much better way to approach this issue. Granted I know that it is possible that a customer might select a certain withdrawal method and fee and that method may become unavailable before the withdrawal can be complete. However informing the customer of this and allowing them to make another decision on the withdrawal will be much better. Your way is much to strong and scary.

good luck on your business and I will continue to be a customer and recommended you to any all people that I know as being a fair site to enjoy online gaming.


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