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All Star Slots Casino- No deposit bonus and home phone problem!!!!!

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Disputed casino All Star Slots Casino
Reason Verification issues
Posted on May 16, 2014

I got 50$ no deposit and wager it, after that i make deposit of 21 for verification purpose, then their support ask me to provide documents(id, credit card, bank statement), i send them all this things, some of them few times, they ask me for bank statement which i send them about 5 times, because first time it was without postal code, then because it is too pixaleted, after that because it was in pdf not jpeg, after all they accept my documents, main problem was my home phone number, when i register i put my old home phone number which is not in use anymore, i contact support and ask them to change my home phone number to my mobile phone number , they do that, and they contact me on my mobile phone to prove my identity, but problem is they want bill for that old home phone number which is not in use, and i dont have it, i said i made mistake and they contact me on my currently home phone number if it is necessary and i gave them link from my phone company where they can find it but they reject it, never heard and never have problem with home phone number, i give them all documents which they approve, they call me on my mobile phone and now they reject to give me 250 $ which i won , hope you can do something, if it is necessary i can send you screnshots of whatever you want, thank you very much, Zvonimir

Posted on March 18, 2014

Unfortunately as per the terms and conditions of the casino a player must provide complete and current personal details when creating their account. As per the term below:-

12. The player is required to provide their complete, current and full personal details, including a phone number where they can be contacted. Incomplete, inaccurate or fraudulent information may result in the player’s account being closed and any bonuses and winnings being removed.


We can see from your accounts across our brand that you have created several accounts all in which had different number, two of which were no longer in use and you stated had not been for a long time. We received the request to change your number four days after you created your account. Once you had already completed the wagering and had a withdraw-able balance. As you provided this number when you created the account we would need your to verify this number as per our terms of the casino.

You stated you would not be able to provide us with a bill for this number, this did break our terms in which resulted in the bonus winnings being voided on your account.

Posted on March 19, 2014

You make problem becasue of home phone number, i give you my currently valid phone home number, call me on that number and end of story, you call me on my mobile phone number and get all my documents

and everything was ok,right??, and after all you find way not to give me money , very nice from you.

Posted on March 20, 2014

The problem isn't just that you gave an incorrect number, we can see that you create 3 different accounts, in 3 of our casinos, on the same day, all with different phone numbers. This was no error, it was a deliberate attempt to give wrong information.

You are in clear breach of the terms, you have provided incorrect details, then when you have won from the free chip you have decided that you wish to give us the correct details.

This is not how it works, if you claim our free bonus then you adhere by our terms and conditions. It is quite simple.

Unfortunately the decision remains the winnings will be not be paid.

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