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Sun Palace Casino - Been unfairly accused of fraud, again!

Posted on October 17, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I requested a withdrawal at Sun Palace Casino for almost 1000$, early this week I requested two more withdrawals - the total amount is now 2129$.
So i checked in with their finance-department and asked about the withdrawals on wednesday and got an (probably standard automated) answer telling me that the "withdrawals is in queue for processing and will be sent to the payment processer within the next few days"

On friday however I recieved an email from their security-department that wanted me to verify my home-address for "withdrawal purposes". I did that, and included a jpg of a fresh utility-bill.
The thing is I have verified my account more than three times in different ways (telephone, emails and verification documents), so yesterday I contacted them and asked what was going on with the withdrawals and everything.
And after a long (and weird) chat without real answers with their security-department, they admitted that my account was under review due to "fraud investigation". Now - if this happened one time due to security reasons I would understand, but this is at least the third time they are doing this to me. Without any proper information whatsoever, and their support-people just keep referring to "upper management" for decisions. And I tell you - you can't get a hold of "upper management"..

The previous times they have referred to that "there are huge amounts of fraudulent accounts and activity from my area", and thats the reason that they are doing this. But that is just total nonsense - I have a very hard time believing that Sweden is any type of criminal territory when it comes to online-gambling. Especially at Sun Palace Casino.

I am sick and tired of being treated like a criminal by these people. I am an honest player, playing with my own money using my very own Neteller-account. And they have found this out every time as well, but still they are trying to pull this and making me feel terrible.
Everything about this is just awful!

Posted on October 20, 2016

Yesterday I recieved the first requested withdrawal of $999, however not a word or trying to explain anything here whats going on. So I would like to keep this complaint open until the two other payments arrive, thanks.

Posted on October 26, 2016

Still no more payouts or explanations from this casino

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