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Maria Casino - Account suspended for 'Bonus Abuse' without any justification

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Maria Casino
Reason Bonus abuse
Amount £ 500
Davidoc2515 United Kingdom Message
Posted on May 25, 2017

Hi Team,

I signed up to Maria casino on the 5th of may and was asked to provide evidence to verify myself. All was done so and then I was able to deposit. At which point on the 16th May I did so taking part in the deposit bonus which was £100 for 100% bonus of £100. This was locked in and had to be wagered to the value of £3.5k. So on I trudged. Firstly using spin spinata for a brief period. Then moving onto castle builder where I span most if not all of the required wagering. I then played a few other slots wild antics and a few others of which I cannot remember now as the account is suspended. I maybe wagered or span through another 200/300 pounds worth of spins. So at this point I had £600 I wagered until I got to a round figure. I checked the bonus and it had been fully done and the funds was withdrawalable.

So I before I went to withdraw I noticed I was asked to provide fither proof of my PayPal account of which I done. This was supplied on the same day as everything else happening 16th May.

I then spoke to the live chat team on several occasions as it was remaining on pending approval. All of which they said I had to wait for approval. Sunday comes and I am asked to provide even further evidence. A selfie with passport, more documents and proof of address. Again I obliged and sent them in Sunday and was asked to wait for an update. Today 23rd May I receive an email saying my account is suspended. I speak to live chat and they inform me it's for bonus abuse. I mean I have read the terms of this and there was no games in an exclusion list or any terms that I could see that would suggest I have done anything illI have never had an account with them and I was using my own personal devices I never at any point signed in through another device other than my phone and tablet both on mobile data not a shared wifi or anything.

I have asked further for details and for this to be reviewed with Maria. I received a generic response of this won't be re-reviewed and our team have come to this decision. Only my deposit will be refunded.

So the goal I had in there is £600 including initial deposit. So £500 of winnings.

Davidoc2515 United Kingdom Message
Posted on May 28, 2017

I am yet to receive any communication from MariaCasino!

Avoiding issue doesn't mean it will go away I will pursue this to the full power I can do so.

Posted on June 1, 2017

This complaint has been reopened as per Maria Casino request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give it one more try and help both parties involved into the dispute reaching to a satisfactory resolution.

Posted on June 2, 2017

Hi David, thank you for your patience while we investigated your issue. You have been sent further information regarding your account closure via email. As this issue relates to exploiting a game-play error, we will not be sharing the specifics of your case in a public forum.

Maria Casino.

Davidoc2515 United Kingdom Message
Posted on June 2, 2017

Your email was not helpful at all. Was even worst than this response. All it contained was a copy and pasted text of your t&cs which doesn't relate to what has happened at all.

First I get told it's bonus abuse, then I get told it's a gaming error. Of which how has this happened? Not at any point did the slots I played glitch or cause unexpected behaviours. I clearly just wagered through them and this is obvious in the gaming history. For you to provide a gaming error as an excuse is a shocking reason to deny a winning customer. As I said in the email and for all to see I will be taking this further to the gambling commsision and your third party disputes company!

Shocking behaviour to clearly rob people of winnings. As previously mentioned also I highly doubt but am not saying you would. But if it was a "gaming error" if I lost my deposit I doubt I would have been treated with the same and had my account closed. I assume you of never have given my money back either.

Posted on June 5, 2017

Hi David, to add some further clarity: your account was closed due to you exploiting a game-play error in order to clear the wagering requirements of the bonus. This is well known bonus-abuse behaviour and as such we have returned your original deposit and confiscated the winnings as per our terms and conditions.

Maria Casino.

Davidoc2515 United Kingdom Message
Posted on June 5, 2017

Hi Team,

Upon extensive research into all this. I have come across websites which explain this in game error you are explaining. But and a BIG But is this is done by people clearly trying to avoid playing the game as should be. I will not go into detail on here as it is a open forum. All I will say is You can clearly see in the history at no point did I ever lose all my money I remained at a constant level above £50-100 I can't remember exact amount throughout the whole wagering process. So what is the error? The game was played through completely normal and I played other games even lost some of my winnings playing other games. I then stopped playing as the process of withdrawing became long winded as you was asking for alsorts of information and I was waiting until the process was complete before I started playing again.

This is exactly why I am taking this further if the matter is not dealt with accordingly. As you are accusing me of something that is entirely fictional using previous reasons that I could see dated back a long time ago.

Posted on June 7, 2017

Unfortunately, Maria Casino can't provide the necessary information to AskGamblers Complaints Team so that the complaint could be adequately reviewed and decided. Obviously, we have no other option but to close the complaint as Unresolved and recommend a player to forward their issue directly in front of the relevant regulatory body responsible for Maria Casino. As soon as AskGamblers Complaints Team is being notified about the regulator's final decision on the case, we will comply and mark this complaint accordingly.

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