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Posted on January 20, 2016

I am a new customer and have registered on December 31st, 2015. On the same day I deposited £50. I have also sent them all requested documentation to prove my age and address.

During an online chat with a customer representative (January 3rd, 2016) I was informed that my account is closed permanently and my balance will not be returned. Please note that I never got the chance to play on this website or place any bets. No reason was offered for the account closure so I don't know why they reached this decision.

I believe has reached a wrong decision in this case and additionally, they have failed to provide me with any answer regarding my complaint. They ignored all my telephone and email queries and have failed to provide a copy of our communication and their official decision.

I have already raised an official complaint with Isle of Man gambling commission but they were unable to help any further.

The ticket (reference) number of my email to is 90105.

Posted on January 22, 2016

@ fb_10153796572151067 is bound by terms and conditions, thus we reserve the right to take necessary, reasonable and appropriate measures at any circumstances based on our procedure. (See Category: OPENING YOUR ACCOUNT & TERMINATING, CLOSING AND SUSPENDING SERVCIES - https:­//g­lob­al.1­­m/e­n-g­b/i­nfo­/terms )

As previously advised, we would be glad to accommodate further communications with any governing body - should there be a need to discuss this concern.

Posted on January 22, 2016

I have already escalated this issue with the governing body (Isle of Man Gambling commission) which has advised that they are not able to help in this case.

I have read all your terms and conditions, first of all you clearly state that in case you decide to terminate a player's account you have to give a one month's notice in writing. Not only I haven't received a notice of termination but also you failed to provide me the exact reason of termination.

Since I have no clue why you have reached this decision, I think it is possibly associated with me moving home when I subscribed to your website. I think that I have accidentally registered my old address details and then sent you a document with my new address details. Please be advised that I have now attached ALL necessary documentation to prove BOTH my old and new house address. I have already attached documents to prove my age. If this is the issue, I honestly believe you have no right to confiscate player's funds for a simple error. If you have terminated my account for other reasons, unknown to me, please let me know of the reason and I will send you further documents.

I can only assure you that if the matter is not solved with these documents my next step is to complain to the office of fair trading in Isle of Man. I will also escalate this by opening a claim with the Isle of Man small claims court but I will await your response.

Hopefully the matter can be solved in a friendly way.


Posted on January 23, 2016

Dear @fb_10­153­796­572­151067,

We remove all attachments because they contains your sensitive and personal information.

Posted on January 29, 2016

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with complete and detailed information regarding this case on behalf management. We can now confirm that player breached terms: #7.2, 7.9, 17.2

7.2 You warrant that all information supplied when registering and completing the Membership Application is accurate, true and complete, including your name on the Membership Application, sources of funds (including the relevant payment details, bank accounts and card numbers) and address. Checks for fictitious registration details will be undertaken at the point of registration and when withdrawals are made and these checks will be undertaken using in house methods and third party specialist fraud prevention agencies.

7.9 We reserve the right to confirm your name and address by post or otherwise. We may, at our discretion, undertake additional security checks for any information that you provide. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you allow us to access, use, process and store the results of any identification verification or checks.

17.2 In addition to other rights available under these Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion to:- (i) void any winnings (including Legitimate Winnings); (ii) suspend or terminate Your Account; (iii) terminate these Terms and Conditions with you; and/or (iv) suspend the provision of the Services to you and/or (v) seize all of the funds in your Player Account and to reverse any withdrawals that may be pending in the event that we reasonably determine that:-
(d) you provide incorrect or misleading registration information;

Based on the above we can confirm that acted as per their own terms and conditions in this particular situation and therefore player's claim is considered as invalid. In light of this our decision is to reject player complaint.

In case of a disagreement with our decision, we recommend player to seek further assistance on this matter from the relevant licensing authority responsible for this particular casino brand.

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