888 Casino - Account blocked with no explanation provided!

Glos2017 United Kingdom
posted on January 1, 2017.

I'm really annoyed with 888 casino -from looking at this site there seems to be alot of instances of 888 doing this but baically I had tried to log into my 888 casino account yesterday and receive a message advising that my account is temporarily disabled. I had used the site for about 6 months with no issue and now have this to deal with.... I think the issue stems from making £3000 or so withdrawals - funnily enough there was no issue with them accepting my deposits in the first place. Presumably the withdrawals are on hold whilst my account is disabled.

I have sent a query on this via the online help function but have not received a response yet. I have also contacted customer services via the phone number they provide in the meantime - which was completely pointless as they offer no assistance except for advising to email them.

My issue is that I am really disappointed that 888 have disabled my account with no explanation via email prior to doing this. I work for an insurance company and for example could never imagine a situation where we would take away cover from a policyholder without at least advising them first! This has put me off using 888 in the future, i have been using a number of gambling sites for many years and have never had a problem like this before. Any minor problems I have had with other gambling companies have been quickly and efficiently rectified via online chat in a matter of minutes so it is extremely frustrating to have to waste my time on a pointless phone call and typing an email to them. The customer service and communication has been the poorest i have experienced.