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LimoPlay Casino - Accepting UK players without valid license

Inactive user
Posted on February 14, 2016.

I signed up in Jan and deposited without realising they don't allow uk players. I have since deposited and now found that uk players can't play with real money yet they have taken over £800 from me. Chat were no help and have escalated it to a manager who I'm still waiting to hear from.

Inactive user
Posted on February 15, 2016.

I have spoken to chat who say i will not be refunded and decision from management has been made.
I would like to say that firstly I registered through a site I found online that I presume is an affiliate and it had no mention that Limoplay was not for UK players. When I registered it allowed me to specify I was in the UK and accepted my address details. At no point did I get any warning that it was out UK duristriction like other sites do.
I registered in January and deposited which at that point I had no idea as they deal with GBP an english and as I say allowed me to register. Since going back the other day I deposited £770 only to then find that players from the UK are not allowed to place real bets. Their site t&c state this clearly but they have taken my deposits. Upon asking chat about UK licencing and who to complain to I was greeted with pat responses and told to check t&c etc which I have. They then said they changed the t&c after my registration!! I was not made aware of this fact and no pop up box appeared when I came back to say I must read these and approve these so they have failed to let customers know this which is against all rules that I know. I have saved all chat copies and they also state that they do not check a players account until a withdrawal is made which is not our fault. They are aware at the start of where we are from.

If they do not allow UK players then why do they let them register? If t&c were changed after I registered then how do they expect us to know if they don't inform us of these changes and furthermore why do they then allow us to deposit.

Inactive user
Posted on February 15, 2016.

chat copy - 23:49 Your Question:
23:49 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
23:49 You are now chatting with LimoPlay - Chat
23:49 LimoPlay - Chat: Hello, thank you for playing at our casino! How could I help you?
23:50 leanne abel: Hi I,m not sure if Ive already spoken to you tonight or not?
23:50 leanne abel: basically i have just found in your t&C If you are a player from the US or any of its states, or UK, you won't be allowed to play real money wagering games including bitcoins
23:50 leanne abel: I am from the UK yet your site allowed me to register and deposit £770
23:50 leanne abel: I therefore want this refunding
23:53 LimoPlay - Chat: i reported about your issue to the head of operations. unfortunately it does not work on day-offs. so on monday you will get a definite answer
23:54 leanne abel: Obviously I didnt realise this as your site allowed me to register
23:54 leanne abel: ok thanks
23:54 leanne abel: what do you think will happen
23:55 LimoPlay - Chat: well, frankly speaking i have no idea
00:01 leanne abel: oh i really hope this can be resolved
00:01 LimoPlay - Chat: so do i
00:01 leanne abel: surely if your t&C say you cannot play for real money in the uk I should be refunded
00:01 leanne abel: sorry for bothering you but Im so stressed out about this
00:02 leanne abel: I dont mean anything personally and wish you a good night, I just need to be clear and need this sorting asap
00:03 LimoPlay - Chat: i do understand you

Inactive user
Posted on February 15, 2016.

12:38 Your Question:
12:38 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
12:38 LimoPlay - Chat: Hello, thank you for playing at our casino! How could I help you?
12:38 You are now chatting with LimoPlay - Chat
12:38 leanne abel: i was told to come back monday to speak to the manager
12:38 leanne abel: they should have my case notes
12:39 LimoPlay - Chat: Moment, please.
12:42 LimoPlay - Chat: Our senior management's decision is that no refund will be made, as you lost your money. In case you had any winnings, they would have been payed out in full.
12:42 leanne abel: I dont think that is the issue here. My point is that your site specifically says you dont allow real bets from UK players
12:45 leanne abel: 1 - your site let me register when I clearly gave a UK address, 2 you allowed me to deposit and play when terms clearly say this. 3 there was no warning when I registered that you dont allow players from my duristriction which is what other reputable sites do so players are warned in advance
12:45 LimoPlay - Chat: We have added this term after your registration.
12:45 leanne abel: also i registered a month ago and deposited and my account wasnt closed
12:45 leanne abel: you since then allowed me to deposit more which is unfair
12:45 LimoPlay - Chat: Moreover, we track and check accounts only when we need to process payouts.
12:45 leanne abel: Surely you should be checking when a player registers!
12:46 leanne abel: so what you are saying is that you are happy to take players money then see where they are from. Again this is very unfair. I clearly gave you the correct details upon registering
12:47 LimoPlay - Chat: Unfortunately, the decision was final and there's nothing that can be changed or done for you.
12:48 leanne abel: I want this taken further
12:49 leanne abel: your terms are not clear to people. You cant just add new terms without updating players!
12:49 leanne abel: Also if you have no UK licence you shouldnt allow player from the uk to register
12:50 LimoPlay - Chat: Please, read our Terms & Condition fully and carefully. Again, the decision was final.
12:50 leanne abel: I have done!
12:50 leanne abel: You said you have added t&c since I first registered
12:51 leanne abel: A box should appear to let customers know this when they come back to your site
12:51 leanne abel: you have a duty to let players know this
12:52 leanne abel: I want to speak to the manager or he can contact me via email. This is appallling. You cannot take my money when your terms clearly say UK players cannot play for real money/ Its your sites responsibility to block accounts and to make it impossible for uk players and usa players for that matter to deposit
12:53 leanne abel: had you had this in place I wouldn't have been able to deposit with you and would clearly know the rules
12:54 LimoPlay - Chat: Sorry, the decision was final. Nothing will be changed.
12:54 leanne abel: surely you can understand this. Had I have won you would not have paid out and stated UK players cant play - it works both ways
12:55 leanne abel: I can surely appeal this decision. I will be taking it further and want details of your management, your arbitrator and site owners so I can follow this up
12:55 leanne abel: I believe 100% I am correct. i did nothing wrong as your site failed to stop a UK player registering and depositing.
12:57 leanne abel: I have kept all chat copies over the last few days and when I asked about uk licences etc the chat host didnt mention anything about UK players not being able to play. They skirted around the question and wouldnt answer.
12:59 leanne abel: I have also spoken to chat at askgamblers and they also said your terms clearly say no UK players so you shouldnt have let me register. I am sure if this had happened to you, you would also be very distressed and find this unacceptable
13:00 leanne abel: If you are a player from the US or any of its states, or UK, you won't be allowed to play real money wagering games including bitcoins.
13:00 LimoPlay - Chat: Unfortunately, we cannot help you in any way.
13:00 leanne abel: This is clear so why did you accept my deposits
13:01 leanne abel: The fact that you only check players when they withdraw is not on. You have duty to check players upon registration
13:03 leanne abel: Again I am asking for your complaints email, manager email and your arbitrators so I can take this further. Do you deal with Ecogra? I will also be contacting Softswiss. It is illegal for a company to let uk players play without a licence
13:04 leanne abel: I have submitted a complaint via ask gamblers which I expect to be followed up
13:07 leanne abel: are you still there please answer my requests
13:15 leanne abel: hello
13:15 leanne abel: please don't ignore me. I am trying to get this sorted and need assistance
13:16 leanne abel: I would have hope this could have been resolved amicably
13:19 LimoPlay - Chat: Your claim is going to be escalated to senior management again. It will be considered and you'll be informed about our decision in up to 48 hours.
13:20 LimoPlay - Chat: Thanks for understanding.
13:23 leanne abel: I just hope you understand it is not a player fault if you have changed t&c after a player has registered and NOT informed them of changes. Surely you can appreciate this. At any point when you realised I was a UK player you should have terminated my account. . I believe you shouldn't accept a withdrawal from someone in the UK and your site should have this built in to encompass your rules. If you dont let a player know how are we supposed to be aware.
13:26 leanne abel: I sincerely hope this gets immediate attention as I dont want to have to escalate this is issue and hope in can be resolved in house. I accept that my first deposits if you were accepting UK would have been played fairly but since you have changed them and failed to note that an existing player is from the UK then deposits after this would be reimbursed.
13:28 leanne abel: I will leave it in managers hands for now but hope to hear a response by the end of today please
13:29 LimoPlay - Chat: Sure, you will be informed as soon as we have news for you.
13:29 LimoPlay - Chat: Have a good day.
13:32 leanne abel: Thank you for your understanding, have a good day

Inactive user
Posted on February 15, 2016.

Dear Leanne,

Your claim was considered by our senior management again and, unfortunately, our final decision stays the same. No deposits are going to be refunded, your account stays closed for good without a possibility to reopen or create a new one.

Please, keep in mind that Terms & Conditions can be changed any time we wish with or without notice and it is your full responsibility to update yourself. And by using any of our website you signify that you agree with Terms & Conditions. This also means you indemnify and hold harmless our casino, its directors, employees, partners, and service providers for any cost, expense, loss, damages, claims and liabilities howsoever caused that may arise in relation to your use of our website or participation in the games.

Thanks for understanding!

Best regards,
LimoPlay Casino Support

Inactive user
Posted on February 15, 2016.

After receiving this email today I have followed it up with this email as I still believe I haven't done anything wrong.
Dear sir/madam.

I do not understand how this can be your decision. Yes terms and conditions are there but how are players supposed to know they have changed without notification?

As I have already mentioned, you were clearly aware that I was from the uk, so whenever you changed your terms and conditions, wouldn't it be considerate for you to at least email players to let them know this. I'm sure you can appreciate this and you can't expect players to check the t&c every time they log on.

I still firmly believe that I have done nothing wrong and that you should have closed my account after my initial deposits were made and once you changed to not accepting uk players. You must be able to search out uk and USA players and close their accounts before they could possibly violate something they knew nothing about.

What I am failing to understand is how you can say in your t&c that uk players can't place real bets, but you are accepting them. Whether this is my fault for depositing or not, you have clearly written terms that you do not accept them, but you have accepted them by taking and keeping them.

I am not trying to cause grievances here or blame but you have to accept this is not fair to a player and that the t&c are not true. If you sincerely state no real bets that should mean just that.

I hoped this would be resolved satisfactorily but if this is your final decision I would like to know who I should contact to dispute this. I am willing to negotiate and accept that perhaps the blame lies with both parties based on the facts and that we could reach a compromise to resolve this complaint and move on.

I look forward to your cooperation.

Sent from my iPad

Posted on February 16, 2016.

Hello leanne.abel.1 !

We are really sorry that you have such negative experience in our casino.

First of all, let me explain why we added this term. As we don't have UKGC license - we can't accept players from UK. But unfortunately, we are still working on making this on automatic way(prevent players from UK to register).

Term about UK was added after your registration. Also please note, we can manage to check players accounts when player request withdrawal or send documents: so as soon as we had noticed that you had been playing from UK your account was closed immediately.

Let me kindly point out that this term is thought for players. Player obligated to check terms and conditions, and follow it. Should we issue refund to you it would mean that we also have to confiscate winnings of all players in UK. We don't want to do it as it would be unjust. We want to be fair to our customers. If you win from UK – we will pay you and then close your account. If you lose – we will close your account when notice that you are playing from UK.

You lost your money, we didn’t take them away from you. What would you say if you won – unlikely you would ask us to confiscate your funds, right?

Here at LimoPlay we always try to accommodate players’ interests but in this specific case we do not think that we did something wrong.

Our decision is final, and we will not change it.

Best regards


Inactive user
Posted on February 16, 2016.

Dear sir,

Yes you would have everyright to withhold winnings and not pay out because your terms clearly say NO UK players. The fact that you are admitting that you allow UK players to register and play until such point as they process a withdrawal is wrong. If I had won I would expect you to confiscate winnings and refund deposits as this is what your terms mean.

It is not my fault that your system doesn't have a way to prevent UK players registering. By allowing this it gives us false knowledge that we should be ok to play.

Gambling from the UK is not illegal so this isn't justified in your terms & conditions.

You say that if a player looses you will close the account when you notice that we are from the UK. How would you know this if we never win or decide to withdraw? I have been registered with you for a month and you failed to realise this after the first time I deposited with you. I have also never been asked to provide documents.

Again this is not my fault that someone isn't checking players accounts. What you are indicating is that you would be happy to continue taking money from a UK player until which point they go through your withdrawal procedure.

I am very unhappy with your decision and hope in this case as a goodwill gesture you would act accordingly and reimburse me for my deposits on the 12th Feb. I understand you could keep the money from my initial deposits made January but you had enough time between them to realise I was a UK player and inform me of such changes to your t&c. After all you have my email address, phone number etc to contact me.

Inactive user
Posted on February 16, 2016.

I would also like to add that you are surely violating your own terms by allowing this. Your chat host says if I had won I would have been paid out, which in itself suggests that you DO accept bets from the uk when your terms say you don't. You can't have it both ways. You either accept uk bets and will keep any money deposited if lost and payout on wins, or you don't accept uk bets and would not pay out if I had won and would reinburse deposits taken in error. It simply can't be a mixture as this is unfair, unclear and probably illegal.

To quote your t&c
https:­//w­ww.l­im­opl­ay.c­om­/te­rms­-an­d-c­ond­itions "If you are a player from the US or any of its states, or UK, you won't be allowed to play real money wagering games including bitcoins."

"In addition your site also states Current Terms and Conditions may be changed by the Company when such need occurs. The Company will notify the players of any significant changes, where possible. However, please visit the Terms and Conditions page regularly to check for possible changes."

I understand terms may change but If you are changing them to not allowing specific players to bet, then this is a significant change that should have been addressed. You say you will notify players where possible. You had my email address and telephone number so you could have easily informed me of this change or at least put a notification on the site that we should read before playing again, which most casinos have in place.

However again I'm stressing the point that it states a player from the Uk will not be allowed to play real money. You did allow me to play for real money so you have breached your own t&c in this case.

I feel this is clear in black and white and can't be understood any other way. You do not allow real money wagering from uk players, plain and simple until you find out they are from the uk.

Inactive user
Posted on February 16, 2016.

Ask gamblers please can you respond with your views on this.

Inactive user
Posted on February 17, 2016.

I have since been in touch with Egaming at Curacao the uk and cyprian gambling commission, betsoft whose games I played, Nabelese holdings and Softswiss. I have had a reply from Betsoft who will be contacting the accounts manager at Limoplay as it is the operators responsibility to withdraw their games to uk players. Since you didn't do this I am entitled to a refund of funds. The only games I played at Limoplay were betsoft games, namely "under the bed"

Posted on March 8, 2016.

This complaint has been reopened upon submitter's request and we would really like to give it one more chance and help both parties involved to reach to a satisfactory resolution.

Posted on March 10, 2016.

Hello leanne.abel.1!

Please contact our customer support by email, and they will assist you with refund!

LImoPlay team

Posted on March 12, 2016.

Dear @leanne.abel.1,

Did you received your refund, can we close this complaint? Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved and closed.

Inactive user
Posted on March 16, 2016.

Not yet I will contact them now

Inactive user
Posted on March 17, 2016.

They have offered me £200 back as a refund which I am appealing as I believe I am entitled to the £770 stated above that was deposited after they stopped uk players

Inactive user
Posted on March 18, 2016.

This has now been resolved and I have received back the full amount. I would like to thank Limoplay for sorting this issue out promptly.

Posted on March 18, 2016.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.

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