888 Casino withdrawal timeframe

posted on September 22, 2013.

Hi my user name is Lukeshep29 on 888casino,

having recently requested withdrawal on an amount i won (£1000)

I was told I had to wait three days for processing, which is fair enough I thought.

However three days have passed and gone and yet my withdrawal request is still sitting without any processing or change in status since I made the request.

Withdrawal timeframes are ridiculous on this and as a depositing player it seems unfair money is quickly taken but takes goodness knows how long to transfer back into my account after I have won.

posted on September 24, 2013.

We have reviewed your most recent withdrawal request, and we can see that it has been paid to you now, so the issue seems to be resolved.

Your withdrawal was paid after the usual 3 day period. However when this falls over a weekend, a non business day for certain payment providers and processes, there may be an additional delay.

For further queries on this or any other issue please contact our support...


posted on September 28, 2013.

 Any updates here?

posted on October 12, 2013.

 Since we haven't received any reply from the player, can we consider this complaint solved?