888 Casino - none payment

posted on December 29, 2013.

just spent half an hour on phone to 888 and sent in session nos hand nos, over mini jp play on there practice tables as you can pay to be in mini jp or not it offers choice ive been pay in hand after from cash i have with site and now two times in past week have won $30 plus with 4 off a kind even got the 888 box come up to confirm my winnings but alas no pay out to my acc, which after 6 emails two times sent bach hand and session no,s got no where then two phone calls off so called operatives who if you ask me not got a clue how there mini jp works asked to speak to some senior refused ! to put any on , it very clear to me its not a lot of money but as a new player on 888 gives me a bad feeling over the way i have been treated just sorry i did not know to take photo of the jackpot box that came up each time i won telling me that i had won as short of doing that getting no where fast with do we think gaming board like to know how a you not get paid or b the operatives just not understand there own site