888 Casino - Is their Blackjack really fair?!!!!!

posted on February 25, 2014.


I will apologise for my english language. I am 888 poker sites user for three years. Im profitable player. Resently i desided to try 888 casinos live BJ tables. First thing when i came to play BJ called my suspicions was the minimum and maximum u can bet on BJ table. where in the world u will find (exept casinos where cards shufeled by machine) able minimum bet of 5$ and maximum what was it 0,5 or smthng. But u know i think they cant cheat its not legal i thought. Then i started playing. At the start u win some u lose some. But then magic started. Out of 200 hands dealer busted 4 times, dealer had A first card 25 percent 90 percent of witch was not hiting BJ but hiting 19 or better ok i thought bad luck but then i hapend two more days in a row. Then started thinking how do they do that. When u join table and ur 1 on 1 with the dealer cards are set you to lose, also support anounces change of cards before red card apered that means they do know the upcoming cards, ok i though i still can beat em if they still do know that but i was wrong, at the tables there are 888 players wich sits down and stands up when needed so dealer hit 20 or better they hit cards on 20, they make moves so dealer hits the wright cards, then i started making videos and told them im doing that at the start everything was normal but then i made some profit and things started go same way, ok i thought what if i and my friends accupy all spots then we can get a fair play but u know what their sistem is perfect when u take multiple seats u can make bet on three spots making one click but then magical things site accepts only one or two bets the amount needed dealer to hit good cards, i was starting proving my point to other players but u know 888 wont start anymore..... my nickname is milkmanas on 888 poker... why it does not start ? mabe because i wrote some letters to the poeple that control fair play on the sites? shame that Latvia is becoming gibraltar of europe all live BJ tables on all sites are fix but no authorities making any action why? mabe because of $$$

posted on February 28, 2014.

u know what they banned my from all poker sites registered in gibraltar :) i can not make videos any more so please send me yours i would apriciate if you send complaints to t the authorities and thei response also need conversations between 888 poker staff about ur incident