888 Casino blocked my account after winning!?

posted on December 2, 2013.

Dear Sir/Madam

I recently opened a new account to play on the 888 casino with the user name petsematary2

I deposited using my visa card. I uploaded identification documents to support my identification in the form of my driving licence.

I then requested withdrawal. I received an email yesterday to say my account was now unrestricted as I had provided all relevant documents.

Then this morning I receive one to say my account was blocked?

This is awful service as I had deposited my own money into the game and I had also requested a withdrawal which would be being used to help me pay for a funeral.

I find this blocking of the account disgusting and completely inappropriate due to the fact I have supported my identification and also deposited.

Please can you unblock my account and continue the process of my withdrawal.


posted on December 3, 2013.

also received an email today relating to the matter stating I opened various accounts in my name and that is why you are not paying.

Please note I deposited and followed all rules of the casino.

NO WHERE does it state I cannot open several accounts in my name to play.

It states one welcome bonus per household and user, please also note I never requested or used a welcome bonus ever, so I am not in breach of any rules.

I simply used the free play which can be used by anyone regardless of how many times as it does not state I cannot use it more than once and I also deposited using my visa card.

The fact that you are holding on to my winnings and my deposited money from my bank account is theft.