32Red Casino Refuse To Close My Account Permanently

posted on May 2, 2015.

I asked 32red to close my account permanently due to being unhappy with the service there, however they would not do so, and advised that this could only be done if I have a gambling problem, which I don't have.

I think this is unfair, and as it is my account, I should have the right to close the account PERMANENTLY!

They did say I could close my account, but not permanently, hence I could reopen it at anytime.

If I decide I NEVER want to play at a casino again, and wish to remove any temptation of returning as a player, I should have this right regardless of the reason.

It's a matter of principle, and a right I as a customer should be free to act upon.

Thank you.

posted on May 6, 2015.

Thank you for your contact in regard to this complaint.

32Red do not offer a permanent closure facility however any account closure is permanent from a customers perspective in as much as we would never reopen the account without an express request from the account holder to do so.

The dispute seems to be an issue of semantics more than anything else, we do not remove the players choice of action outside of the self exclusion facility for problem gamblers regarding an account closure.

The customers account is closed and will remain so unless the customer chooses otherwise.

posted on May 6, 2015.

Thanks for finally responding.

It's quite ironic that I see your decision to refuse my request as also being an issue of semantics more than anything else.

Unfortunately your response and refusal to adhere to a players basic right means this complaint will remain unresolved.

I will have to warn any players thinking of joining 32red to please reconsider if you value player rights.

32red have shown here that players rights are not high on their agenda if it does not benefit them in anyway.

This is not surprising given the multitude of recent complaints that have emerged online since their numerous forced changes to player conditions.

I recommend great sites such as Betat, Guts, Next and Luck casinos as an alternative if you wish to play at a casino who TRULY value their players rights and wishes.