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Complaint Info
Disputed casino Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount £ 3000
Posted on June 17, 2015


I'm submitting as a complaint as have failed to pay out my withdrawal request of £3000 and have subsequently failed to provide any further information.

My withdrawal request was processed on 23rd April and in accordance with their processing times I should have received my payout no later than 29th April.

As of 2nd May the money hasn't reached me. After 3 days I contacted them for an update to ensure the payment was processed successfully and they assured me this had been done.

On 29th April I contacted the company as I still hadn't received my withdrawals. I had visited the bank and obtained a copy of my statement and a letter from my bank manager to say they had checked all of the branch's holding accounts in case the money had been sent their in error. I sent this information to the company and they promised me an update within 24 hours.

I returned on 30th April and was told there was no update and told to wait another 24 hours. I expressed concern as I had been told originally it would only take 24 hours to get an update. I waited and came back on 1st and 2nd May and they have not provided any information.

The customer services team claim they are only capable of communicating via e-mail to their security team who manage payments etc and as such, they can't get any update until they respond.

At what point though does this dynamic cease to work? They claim the company is powerless to help me as only a certain team can assist, but they aren't responding to e-mails. I have sent several e-mail and no one has had the courtest of offering me any information.

I feel at a dead-end. The company have effectively said to wait until they are ready to help me, but so far I have no assurances they have even sent the payments. I asked for further details about their bank and the payment method used, so I could check this with my own bank, but they are refusing to provide any details of their payment procedure.

If the company provided me an exact date, even a week from now, I would accept that, but I'm not happy to just to be told to wait indefinitely. If the money hasn't arrived within the timeframes indicated, surely something has gone wrong?

I just want the money to be returned and accurate information on when to expect this.

Posted on May 4, 2015

I contacted the company this morning via their live chat facility. The advisor said there was no update and then hung up the chat. The webpage then indicated that they had blocked me from using their live chat facility.

I used a proxy connection to speak to them again, but they are now unresponsive via chat.

Posted on May 7, 2015

Dear Sam & The Askgamblers team,

As confirmed on several occasions to Mr Richards, we processed the withdrawal request on the 24th April 2015 via our card payment processor. We have received confirmation from our payment processor (on several occasions) that the funds left our account and there have been no issues, we have even forwarded the payment confirmations to the player for his (and bank’s) reference.

On several occasions we have discussed the fact that the funds had not been received with the payment processor who had no indication that the funds had not been received by the beneficiary bank.

The player submitted a letter from his bank dated the 1st May 2015 advised that the funds had not yet been received, so our payment processor asked their bank to contact the person on the letter to discuss this matter.

So far, the player’s bank have not responded to the numerous calls, and the case remains pending as a result.

Our payment processor’s bank have not had any funds returned to them in respect of this case, and until we fully understand where the (already sent) funds are currently located – we will not be sending further funds which I’m sure you can understand.

In view of the above, we are doing all we can to help solve the player’s dispute and have communicated all of the above information to him along each step of the way.

During the whole time Mr Richards has held an account with, he has been continually abusive, racist and rude to our staff – hence the reason his IP address was blocked. Evidence of this is held by our Customer Support Team and can be shared at any time, our staff have been professional, patient and courteous throughout.

My recommendation is that Mr Richards contact his bank and ask them to return the call of our payment processor’s bank, then we can conclude this case.

Best regards,

Compliance Team

Posted on May 7, 2015

Since I submitted my request or updates the 138 team haven't been in touch with me once, I have had to chase you for an update every step of the way. Every time I've contacted you, you've simply said there is no update and were doing everything we can to get this done.

Your claims that I have been rude and racist are ridiculous. The only thing I've said that could be interpreted this way is when I said I was tired of speaking to people in the Philippines when I requested contact details for your licence holder in Isle
Of wight. I don't believe it is rude to persistently chase £3000 that's owed to me.

You say that your team have confirmed that payment was sent, but you've provided no evidence of this. You have suggested I speak to my bank but when I ask you for details to use such as; who is your payment provider? What bank do they use? What is the payment method? What country are they based in? What were the authorisation codes for the payments? You have told me all this information is confidential.

I have provided copies of my statement and a letter from my bank manager to confirm no payment has been received. My bank is unable to do anything further without more information and no one has contacted them to try and resolve this matter.

I'm happy to go back to my bank if can provide more information on the payments. I would also like the opportunity to speak to someone from your payments team who could help me setup a time to speak to my bank. Please consider we are on different time frames when trying to contact my bank.

Posted on May 7, 2015

To quote word for word (we have blanked out the profanities):-

[06:06:11] Charrie: I am sorry you feel this way.
[06:06:21] samus82: f*ck you Charrie you stupid c*nt

[06:11:33] samus82: once again go f*ck yourself c*nt
[06:11:37] samus82: sincerely

[22:09:38] Martin: I will be disconnecting this chat. Should you have any issues or claims, kindly take a screenshot and send it via our email.
[22:09:46] samus82: are you a f*cking retard or something?
[22:09:58] samus82: jesus i hope ukip gets in power
[22:10:04] samus82: need to get rid of you foreign
[22:10:14] samus82: scum like you everywhere
[22:10:19] samus82: go back to where you came from

[01:05:00] Anne: Full name, email and billing address, mobile number, and date of birth.
[01:05:08] samus82: f*ck you
[01:05:13] samus82: stupid c*nt

[7:49:30 PM] samus82: what nationality are you?
[7:50:44 PM] Marvin: I am a Filipino. We are a global company with offices in several locations. Our back-office and support teams are located mainly in the Philippines from where we are able to offer high quality, multilingual service to our customers around the clock.
[7:50:57 PM] samus82: ah right so youre not even in England
[7:51:02 PM] samus82: that makes sense
[7:51:36 PM] Marvin: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
[7:51:42 PM] samus82: haha
[7:51:50 PM] samus82: you dont even know what youre saying do you?
[7:52:23 PM] Marvin: I do.
[7:52:25 PM] Marvin: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
[7:52:28 PM] samus82: haha
[7:52:30 PM] samus82: look at you
[7:52:33 PM] samus82: you're a mook
[7:52:39 PM] samus82: you have no idea what youre saying
[7:52:48 PM] samus82: youve spent 3 hours chasing your own tail

We fail to understand how the above can be interpreted as anything but rude and racist, our Customer Service Team have done everything they can to assist and have been fully professional in their conduct - even after all of the above.

We will not be disclosing any confidential information, especially on a public site.

You can rest assured that we are doing everything we can to trace your funds and will give an update once it is available. It would be appreciated if your bank could make the call and confirm that the funds have not yet been received.

We have acted within our Terms & Conditions at all times and have done everything we can to resolve this situation, if you feel that we haven't done enough - please take it up with our regulators (Isle of Man & UK) and we will happily explain the entire situation to them. Ultimately our decision is final unless our regulator rules otherwise.

Best regards,

Compliance Team

Posted on May 7, 2015

Right so you so say you won't publish private information but published chats without permission?

Why don't you email me the information directly?

I need a contact number for my bank to contact your compliance team as your customer services team have no access to your payment systems.

Posted on May 7, 2015

I don't know how you expect my bank to resolve this without giving them more information. You already have a letter from my bank manager confirming no payment has been received aswell as a copy of my bank statement.

I have been happy to provide the evidence from my end yet you refuse to provide any evidence I support your claims you issued the money.

Posted on May 7, 2015

I have mentioned before the card expired so the payment wouldnt reach the card anymore.

My bank have suggested that the payments would have bounced back to a holding account with your payment provider.

Please can I ask you check this. My bank says you'll need to reissue the payments to my new card or failing this a direct bank transfer.

Posted on May 7, 2015

I have just finished speaking with my bank at length regarding this. They confirmed that as the card expired the payments issued to my debit card have failed. The bank advised the payments will hve bounced back you to and will be returned to a holding account with your payment provider.

Please can you advise how these payments can be re-issued as the expired card can no longer accept payments.

Posted on May 11, 2015 Casino,
Any news considering this complaint?

Posted on May 14, 2015

We're still awaiting for the initial funds to be returned to our account, our payment provider is regularly monitoring their accounts awaiting the returned amounts.

Our regulator is fully aware of the case and is happy with the action we've taken.

As soon as returned funds are received, we will send the money to the player's account.

Posted on May 14, 2015

Over 3 weeks and this is the first response you have provided to any of my concerns. After 3 weeks it's clear that the payment would have reached my account. refuse to provide any proof of the payment being made and refuse to provide any contact details for my bank to contact them on. Your staff now refuse to respond on live chat when I request an update.

I have taken this matter up with the regulators of Isle of Man and will ask them to mediate the recovery of the funds.

Anyone reading this post, I would seriously re-consider using this company, if you win big this is the sort of treatment you can expect.

Posted on June 17, 2015

We have been informed that player's payment has been processed last week.

In addition, we have been provided with a complete set of player's chat conversations, because we couldn't believe that a player could use such kind of language to communicate with other people and requested these conversations from 138 Casino management. Based on the extremely vulgar and offensive language used in some of these live chats transcriptions, we decided to reject this complaints case and recommend player to try to respect other people's dignity.

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