Polder Casino - Wrong software calculations while playing Guns'N Roses slot game

Jodie1973 Australia
posted on February 7, 2016.

I have been given the wrong calculations for a £3 Bet polder casino is paying its players 10 cents when the player has a win. They then have refused to give me a complete overview of my gameplay instead they have said I played on a day that I didn't play and have blocked Out critical information they are now ignoring my request for copies of my game play and my request for the copy of gameplay to state my name and Be in a format that is readable and not blocked. They are unhelpful and taking people's money and its not right they also write emails in Dutch and I am Australian and do not understand the Dutch language. If you look at what they have sent me as copy of game play it is totally wrong and does not give any information and doesn't show my Name above it they have deliberately ommitted information. They are now ignoring me after I won 300 Times my Bet of £3 plus it was 300 Times 30 and ended up being paid 30 cents

posted on February 11, 2016.

Dear Jodie,

Apologies that you felt that your game experience and support were not to your expectation.
I will go through the points you have raised here.

I would like to point out that PolderCasino is an online casino that is setup to provide the public of the Netherlands an online casino experience where they can try their luck in a safe and secure environment and rely on native Dutch support if needed. The majority of our communication is Dutch and therefore we have sent you one email in Dutch. This was done by mistake. Later our communication continued in English.

Regarding bet calculations, the slots you have mainly played are provided by NetEnt, whom we source games from and all wagering outcomes are run through their system. Polder Casino has no influence on outcomes.

The first slot game you played was Casinova provided by our game supplier Amatic and you have palced a bet of 2,4 euros. You have mentioned a £3 bet in your post which would exclude this game and therefore we only have to focus on your Guns N Roses session.

You are claiming that you made two bets of 3 euros and in one instance receiving 10 cents and the other time getting 300 times 30 and being paid only 30 cents. I have included copies of your full game play history from our audit system and the 3 euro bets in detail to show that this is not the case.

With regards to the date of game play not being correct, Polder Casino and the game provider are based in Europe, which would make the time stamps based on our location instead of Australia.

The first and second screenshot showing the results of both 3 euros bets you have made display that you did not win. These are the only 3 euro bets on the server from the games provider NetEnt. There are no other 3 euro bets placed nor stuck as incomplete rounds.

One thing I can not do is show your game history screenshot with your name attached. This is from the way we connect our data over with NetEnt by player ID only. The in detail game rounds of 3 euro bets do show your player ID that you can find as well when you login to your Polder account and go to My Account where you will hit your profile page displaying your Player ID.

This investigation in your gameplay has not gone your way and we can only hope you will find that we are an honest casino. There is no chance we would spend the time to make fake data as you claimed, not only would the hassle be greater than 30 euros you deposited. Our interest is in providing the best casino experience to our players with top notch slot games, for mobile, tablet, and computer; and giving the best bonus and free spins promotions.

If you have any further questions please let us know.



Jodie1973 Australia
posted on February 11, 2016.

No I played alot more games and spins so tell me how I get my game history with my name On it. You think you are a goof honest casino you refused to refund my money when I asked you too because I realised that you DO NOT GIVE ANY BONUSES AT ALL NO FREE SPINS AND NO BONUS ON DEPOSIT. Nothing at all your casino offers nothing to its players and when I asked you to refund my money after I realised Then you had scammed me you refused and it was my money then I recorded the amount of Times Your games ripped me off I spent alot more and you have yet again given me someone else's gameplay not Mine. So give me the right information with my player Name on it or tell me where I go to get the truth cause again you are blaming the net whatever you use. So be honest. I want my real gameplay. Yes Mine with my player Name on it or confirmation that the player number PLC32564

posted on February 11, 2016.

Dear Jodie,

Thank you for your reply.

Let me reply to on the points raised by you again:

"No bonsues or free spins on deposit"
As we have explained before we are a Dutch casino and therefore our bonuses and recurring promotions are available to our Dutch players.

"No I have played a lot more games and spins"
As mentioned before you have played a spin on Casinova by Amatic and multiple spins on Guns N Roses. The gamehistory of Guns N Rises has been provided. I shall enclose the spin you have played on Casinova as well. As a result you now have all the spins played in our casino. There is no more game history to provide as there is nothing in our systems.

"Player name on game history"
As explained before we don't have game history with your name on it. Instead we use a player ID which we send to our game providers instead of your name. Therefore this information can not be provided. We did provide how you can verify your player ID which you were able to find on the attachment. The same applies for the attachment of your spin on Casinova.

I hope this information is sufficient?

Kind regards,


posted on February 13, 2016.

AskGamblers Complaints Team is considering the Information provided on behalf Polder Casino in regards of this case as exhaustive and well grounded enough. While we could understand players frustration from getting an outcome from particular game round which does not correspond to their expectations, we strongly encourage player to make all the necessary efforts to explore the games paytables from now on and familiarize with how that game works and forms payouts.

Whether and how a casino is honoring bonuses and promotions has never been a subject of this complaint and we consider this part of players claim as invalid.

Base on all the above we consider this complaints as Resolved and it is being ruled in Polder Casino favor. We would also like to thank their management for the cooperation in solving this case.

In case of a disagreement with our decision we encourage player to seek further assistance from the relevant regulatory body which is responsible for Polder Casino operating license.

The complaint is now officially closed.