Hotstripe Casino - Won 10000 euro, and Hotstripe will not give me the money

Betty Norway
posted on September 17, 2015.

I deposited 50 euro, and was promized a 200% bonus. Usually when i play Casinos and get a bonus i have to meet som requirements and then can withdraw my winnings. In Hotstripe Casino i had only my 50 euros to play With. When they were gone, i thaught i could play With the bonus, and meet som requirements of wagering. I asked JESSE what games i could play With the bonusmoney, and he said the promogames. Alreday then i thaught something was strange. Only four games to play! But ok. And then when i started winning, i asked JESSE how much i could bet. He said that the games had limits themselves. I had 150 euro to play With in the beginning. I won alot, and when i came to 10000 euro, the game shut Down, and i had 10 euro in the account. I asked what had happened, and JESSE said i could win only 50 euro in the promogames. Of course i am disapointed:-(. I i cant find the rules for bonus, and what games to play anywhere on the website.
At some point JESSE asked me what my problem was. I think he is very rude.

posted on September 18, 2015.

Player received there promo bonus on signup and made a deposit as well. Deposit bonus was given as well. Cash is always played with first. Player played with cash and deposit bonus and lost. Player then played with promo money. As per the T&C's promo money must be turned over 50x and then is turned over to $50 real money to play with. This is what happened but player wants the promo amount that "isnt real money" until turned over.

Betty Norway
posted on September 19, 2015.

I did NOT resive a depositbonus. I could play "normal games" With only my 50 euro. The 50 (free Money) and the 100 euro (Bonusmoney) i could play only the promogames With.

In other Casinos if there is a limit of winnings, the chat tells me that. When i told Jesse i was not satistied With his Casino and that i would og further With this, he responded that he :

" I find Your treats amusing". I Have NEVER been in a Casino where the hosts use this unprofessional Language.

posted on September 21, 2015.

The fact the you were making treats to the support we will no longer be responding to your emails or post.

posted on September 25, 2015.

@Hotstripe casino,

Could you please let us know the correct sequence of events that happened? Did player use only free chips or made a deposit and got another deposit bonus on top of it? Thank you.

Betty Norway
posted on September 25, 2015.

I deposited 50 euro. I got to play With 50 euro in the regular games. i got an 200% "bonus", but i got to play only promogames With that Money. The reason i was very surprised when JESSE said i could withdeaw only 50 euro was, because i thought i could play With the bonusmoney since i had made a deposit. Usually when i play Casinos i get to play the regular games With my deposit AND the bonusmoney! I dont Call this a bonus. JESSE said i made treats... i said i would og to ASkgamblers With this. In my vocabulary TREATHS are if i say i am going to kill someone, or beat them up...i did not do that. I can send all Our emails if you like.

i hope this Casino will be stopped before more People get foled!

posted on September 29, 2015.

AskGamblers didn't get any evidence considering this case from casino management. We consider this case unresolved. We recommend to the player to seek further help in front of licence authority that issued casino's licence.