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Drake Casino - Withdrawal Questions & Bad Odds

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Disputed casino Drake Casino
Reason Software glitch
Posted on June 24, 2014

I have been playing at Drake Casino for a little over a month now, so I can promise you that the odds of winning here are awful.

But the main issue is when I go to the withdrawal page I get the following message:

"Withdrawals are not currently available for this account. Please contact us on 1-800-613-8090."

I contacts customer service via chat and Timothy told me the message was being shown b/c my account was at $0. Timothy then told me that message would disappear once I had money in my account balance,

So, I deposited again to see if this was the truth...and shocker... the message was still up even with money in my balance. I have an email fo the chat if needed.

Is Drake Casino really trustworthy because it seems sketchy and if anyone has ever won money and cashed out playing at Drake??

I cannot locate even one player who has won at

Posted on June 17, 2014

Hi Kcc17, thanks for your post and thank you also for signing up and playing with us at Drake.

I’m sorry you’ve had such an unlucky run with us over the last while. I believe the message you received displayed because your balance at the time was not equal to or more than the $160 minimum required for a payout ($100 withdrawal + $60 fee). I've spoken to our support team to make sure they understand this also.

I notice that you hit a win today with the proceeds from your rebate and were able to successfully request a withdrawal. I can tell you as a former payouts manager, our team is committed to getting our players paid.

We don’t markup our payment fees but we do know they’re more expensive than methods in other markets. We work hard to get them out as fast as possible once we have the required KYC Documents in hand.

I hope your recent win and withdrawal will change your perception of playing at Drake. We look forward to proving to you that we’re a reliable casino that features quality, fair games, and above all that we honor our players’ withdrawal requests.

I hope this has cleared up any issues surrounding our payouts and payments. I have noted your account and please do contact Customer Service at suppor­[email protected]­rak­eca­ or live chat if you have any further questions.



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Posted on June 21, 2014

Yes...I did hit a win and the withdrawal process has been smooth as can be thus far. I still have yet to receive the money in my account, but no hold ups yet.

Once the $$$ appears in my checking account, I will close my complaint and write a rave review for Drake Casino.

If I don't receive the $$$.....any typical Casino BS starts, I will let other players know.

So far....exceeding expectations.

Posted on June 23, 2014

Dear @kcc17,

Is this complaint resolved? Did you got your funds?

Posted on June 24, 2014

Yes, I received my withdrawal in my checking account today!!! I am so relieved that Drake Casino came through and the process was easy as can be.

I hope that Drake Casino continues to provide players with such a smooth payout process, as it is normally a headache for players. So, the whole process was very refreshing.

I will continue to play at Drake Casino, and I promise to keep giving detailed updates for players at ASK GAMBLERS about my experience at Drake Casino.

Thanks again ASK GAMBLERS for being a place for players to turn too when problems arise with online casinos.

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