WinPalace Casino Hedging It's Bets

posted on August 28, 2012.

I won $25,000.00 at Winpalace in mid-July while on vacation. My documentation was approved on August 10. I requested my first withdrawal immediately for $3,000.00, the

maximum allowable amount for a wire transfer AS STATED ON THE WEBSITE!!!! I was notified of the withdrawal approval on Aug. 20. I immediately requested another $3000.

withdrawal only to be notified that NOW $2,500. was the maximum allowable withdrawal . Ok, that's fine. August 27 I received a check for $500. Not happy, but it was the first withdrawal, OK. Today I received an approval for my second withdrawal request of another $500. NOT this rate it will be over TWO YEARS BEFORE MY WITHDRAWALS ARE COMPLETE!! Support tells me Finance will not accept phone calls and I need to read the FINE PRINT in my membership agreement with the casino. At the very least, this is a "bait & switch" tactic used by the casino. I feel I was misled and duped by winpal­ace....Th­is'­"in­sta­llment" arrangement is not reasonable, adequate or acceptable....They should HONOR THE MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE WITHDRAWAL AMOUNTS AS POSTED ON THE WEBSITE...PLEASE HELP!!!!