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Wink Slots Casino - Self exclusion terms violation

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Wink Slots Casino
Reason Casino terms violation
Amount £ 150
Posted on November 7, 2019

I submitted a complaint about winkslots and it got rejected because not enough evidence.

So I have e-mail 888 casino asking when I first started a self exclusion please see attached screenshots.

So you can see Cassava have not applied my exclusion to all of there websites, once I emailed winkslots yesterday and complained I magically got emails from them and foxy to say my accounts have been excluded.

So I'm led to believe I should not of been able to open an account with winkslots let alone be allowed to deposit.
On the 1st or October I was allowed to deposit £60
On the 5th of November i was allowed to deposit £90

Surely this is breaking their terms but not blocking my account from all of their sister company's as they explained they would when I first self excluded.

Posted on November 10, 2019

Now Winkslots are trying to pin it as my fault.

I have a problem, if they done as they said they would and blocked all access to cassava products I wouldn't be in this situation.

They are claiming it my fault for signing up.

My details are the same my name , email address, phone number for verification and my home address are the same across any of my cassava accounts that I have had open at some point.

I don't feel like they think they have done anything wrong by not keeping to there terms.

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