Hotstripe Casino - Changing terms without prior notice, trying to steal 1830 GBP from me

Veter Ukraine
posted on November 1, 2015.

I checked into the casino. Carefully read the rules - players from Russia are allowed. I make a deposit. He won in different slots. He ordered a withdrawal.
October 22 received a letter from the service desk that my withdrawal was sent two days ago (screen shot attached). But at my expense money is not received. Wrote a letter in support of that money is not received. Status withdrawals in my account was, and is now processing (photo attached). October 29 received a letter from the service desk, my conclusion is locked, as players from Russia are not allowed (photo attached). When I registered in the casino, players from Russia have the right to play in the casino. For information and a warning about changing the rules of the casino I did not send! Casino is obliged to notify the change in terms and conditions. Casino to pay the winnings as I won when players from Russia could play in the casino. Prevention and containment in the game I did not send.
The casino does not pay the winnings in the amount of 1830 pounds.
Casino gives away and acts violating the law. I demand to pay me a prize!
All photos added. If necessary, give further evidence.

posted on November 4, 2015.

@Hotstripe casino,
Can you please provide evidence when you changed restricted countries in casino's T&C. Also is that date before or after aforementioned player made an account? All evidence please send to [email protected] Thank you.

Veter Ukraine
posted on November 5, 2015.

Evidence that the casino accepts deposits and supporting documents.
And the fact that your site has reviews and Hotstripe casino players that they were paid in September 2015 winnings to players from Russia. Also attached is a screen

posted on November 8, 2015.

We dont take screen shots everytime we make a change to the site. I can send emails that were exchanged with our provider since they make the updates to our site. Please let me know if that works

As well get we please get the email address that was registered to the acct. the one in the screen shot doesnt come up in our system. thanks

Veter Ukraine
posted on November 11, 2015.

10/18/2015 I won and took a picture of the screen. Deposit made on the same day. Casino took my deposit, and gave me the opportunity to play. Casino allowed me to play, but does not want to pay out winnings. Casino T & C changed so as not to pay prizes to players from Russia, but also allows you to play the money to the casino. Casino cheater!
I can provide a snapshot of the screen, where T & C are no restrictions for players from Russia. Casino either pay me my winnings, or I ask for help close askgamblers license Hotstripe. I will do my best not to cheat the casino to players !!!
Askgamblers, help to revoke the license of Hotstripe casino !!!