Will not pay me my winnings/blocked me out of casino

james3866 United States
posted on October 2, 2010.

I won 2500 from top game casino YES WE CAN, I still have a copy of the winning screen shot...I've contacted them many times ,they never answer...they blocked me out of even signing on to there site...This casino stole my winnings...Even there sister casino BLACKLIGHTS has paid me for my winnings...I deposited my money made it through my play through...tried to cash out , then the lies and cheating started....Why are they allowed to take deposits from people if they DON'T PAY THERE WINNINGS...thats stealing every where in the would! ....2500 is my winnings and i'd like to get paid....tell me where to send a copy of the winning screen shot....Why is YES WE WE CAN allowed to take money from people if they don't pay the winnings....Every person that plays on line should be informed about this casinos ( YES WE CAN) and how they don't pay....Can you please help with my getting paid...or help me spread the word about this dirty casino.....

posted on October 6, 2010.


Sorry for the late reply.

The player known as james3866 has been blocked after evidence for fraudulent activity has been found on his account. I would like to stress the fact that he has not been robbed or anything of that sort - all of his deposits have been fully refunded.

As a rule, we don't want to deal with players that have any indications that they may be involved with any unethical activities that don't comply with our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are there to protect not only us, but the rest of our players. We don't want any identity theft on our watch.

I hope this settles the issue.



YesWeCan Casino

james3866 United States
posted on October 10, 2010.

My complaint is that yeswecan/blacklights casino cheated me out of my winnings, 2500 is what i tried to withdrawal. turns out 2500 is all they ley you withdrawal, no matter how much you win but the hishonest casino that they are never tells the people that play at all top game casinos that small fact..so yeswecan/blacklights casino responded to my complaint by saying i cheated, thats how they try getting out of everything i'm sure......they need to tell me how i cheated. cause right now i'm the only one being cheated by that dishonest casino yeswec­an/­bla­ckl­igh­ts..so will they please just pay my winnings and stop cheating ,i'm sure everybody that plays there gets cheated by this dishonest casino yeswec­am/­bla­ckl­igh­ts....y­ouat askgamblers need to hepl people become informed when theres a dishonest casino out there like yeswec­an/­bla­ckl­ights. tellme how to spread the word about this dirty casino yeswecan/blacklights

posted on October 14, 2010.


First of all, withdrawals are limited to $2500 PER WEEK - you can have multiple withdrawals that will be paid out once a week.

I cannot and won't explain the exact reasons for the removal of the account, as that is against our policy and t&c. however, i will say that if james3866 would have pulled the same stunt in a brick-and-mortar casino, he would have been removed forcibly.

posted on October 14, 2010.


I'd like to inquire as to why we are receiving massive amounts of spam e-mail from james3866.