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Palace of Chance Casino - Where is my money?

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Palace of Chance Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 2711
norma777 United States Message
Posted on May 29, 2017

I have 4 pending payouts with Palace of Chance and am getting nowhere by trying to resolve this with the Customer Service Department. the 2 I am most frustrated with are the 2 withdrawals made 4/6 and 4/8. I submitted all the necessary documents required and have inquired numerous times about the status of the withdrawals only to be given the runaround. Emails are not answered even though I get an auto response promising an update within 5 business days and when I do a live chat I am repeatedly told that the processing department is running behind. That is not my fix it!! Hire more people or streamline the process so it is not consistently behind. I have been patient, but I want to know when the checks will be mailed! I feel like I am being played just so they can continue to delay payment. I am very disappointed in the process. I play at other sites and receive payment within 14 days. This is going on 2 months!!! Here is the proof of the withdrawals taken from my account page at the casino 04/06/2017 10:20 AM Check Withdrawal Requested -$678.00 and 04/08/2017 10:19 PM Check Withdrawal Requested -$608.00 and here are the approvals for the withdrawals 04/12/2017 11:02 PM Check Withdrawal Approved! -$603.00 and 04/20/2017 05:44 PM Check Withdrawal Approved! -$608.00 Both were approved for payment over a month ago.

I also have a $1000 wire transfer withdrawal from 4/23 04/23/2017 07:46 AM Wire Transfer Withdrawal Requested -$1,000.00 and a wire transfer withdrawal of $500 from 5/16 I have submitted all required banking information for the transfers to be completed. The $1000 wire transfer withdrawal (minus the bonus given) was approved 5/ is over 3 weeks and it has not arrived at my bank.......why???? I cannot see beyond 5/16 for some reason (which is really weird) so I do not know if that wire transfer has been approved.

I really like playing at this site, but the payment process is really ridiculous. I have played at other sites and have had my money within 14 days. There is no reason for the delays I have experi­enc­ed......e­spe­cially with the 4/6 and 4/8 withdrawals.

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