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samantmd United States Message
Posted on November 3, 2014

Tropica Casino was making chargers to my card without my behalf, I contacted them to try to work it out and told them if they did not fix the problem I would be contacting my bank. The responses were beyond horrific, and I feel I need to share it with as many people as possible so no one will do business with them again.

The first response to my initial email about working things out before I contacted my bank:

"Dear Criminal,

We have received notification that you have disputed your transactions.

Here is what is going to happen now:

1. We will use a collection agency to recover our money along with a fee
of $150 per transaction.
2. Your credit rating will be destroyed
3. You will be reported to the police and banks for fraud
4. Your details will be shared with all US facing casinos
5. Your credit cards will be posted online
6. Your friends and family will be contacted.

You will learn that committing fraud in this manner will not pay.

You should be ashamed of your actions.

You have 24 hours to rectify this situation or we will ruin you

So I was called a criminal, was threatened by them that the would illegally leak my information publicly, and that they would "ruin me" financially, DISGUSTING.

I then got another email from them a couple of weeks later.


You are a loser. A joke. We have a collection agency preparing the
collection now.

You will not get away with this and you are most welcome to tell the
police that you made deposits even though you knew it was illegal.

You are trailer park trash and you will get what is coming to you."

This casino, if you even want to call them that, are not only one of the biggest scammers on the internet, but are THREATENING me. It is disgusting, I don't even know what to do except for continue to file the complaints as I have. But I needed to share this information and those emails with as many as possible.

Posted on October 29, 2014

Hi Samantha,

While I do agree the correspondence would be harsh and very unprofessional to a real customer, you are not a real customer. Personally, I feel that the name calling could be avoided but somehow I have no sympathy for you or any other charge back players.

Our security department are absolutely sick and tired of players coming from the US depositing and then claiming it was not them, which leads to the player charging back. This causes major losses and to the casino and puts us at risk. This is something that is not taken lightly.

In your case, YOU CHARGED BACK after signing a purchase declaration form, sending copies of your credit cards, driver's license and proof of address. This means you acknowledge the purchases.

Now, i would suggest that you end this thread as a resolved thread within the next 12 hours or we will be posting all your submitted documents and the proof of charge backs on your account, on this complaint post.

I hope this will be resolved shortly so that we do not have to take things further.

Kind regards,

samantmd United States Message
Posted on October 29, 2014

Dear Duwayne,

I signed a purchase declaration form once, not for all of the absurd amount of charges that ensued on my account. You continued to charge my card without my consent, which is why I submitted the chargebacks. As a business owner myself, regardless of whom you are dealing with, you NEVER speak to someone the way I was spoken to of threat them in anyway. I would also like to post this last email I got from your "lawyer:"

"Your problem princess, is that you think you are clever, but what you
fail to realize is that you aren't. You think you can committ crime and
not take any responsibility for it?

Return the monies you have stolen and we will consider this matter
closed. Don't and we will use any available measures to ensure you do
not repeat this offense and experience the financial losses you have
afforded us.

You are a nasty, lonely, sad little girl who thinks they are above the
law and prosecution.

Stop preaching to us when it is you who committed the fraud."

These threats are beyond unprofessional, but they are not legal. The "lawyer" said you will take any precautions necessary, which could include physical harm or illegally leaking my information. How dare you think you can conduct your business in this way, if you were a real legitimate business then you would not be dealing with matters like this.

Posted on October 29, 2014

Hi Samantha,

Once again, you are lying. If you have previously signed a purchase declaration form, why did you charge back every single deposit you made and not only the ones after the signed purchase declaration form? Please send me a screen shot or a copy of these 'absurd amount of charges' and I'll compare them to your deposits made. Please remember, we have record of everything, last login, last spin etc. Time and date stamps for all of it.

You have a few hours left until I reveal all the evidence on this post. You have already received all your money back from charging back and now you trying to blackmail us on a forum.

Kind regards,

samantmd United States Message
Posted on October 29, 2014


Please explain to me how I am trying to blackmail you? Your "lawyer" outright threatened my safety, YOU have threatened two illegally leak my information....how am I the one who is blackmailing you?

Posted on October 29, 2014

Hi Samantha,

Perhaps blackmailing isn't the right way to put it. It's more like slandering us in public, when in fact, we have did nothing wrong to start with. Yes, I can agree the aggressive approach is not to everyone's liking and yes I don't agree with it from a personal point of view but our collection agency is quite aggressive in their approach to make thieves or fraudsters pay.

Let me explain something, I generally deal with affiliates and don't get involved in player problems to often unless it effects our casino reputation on an affiliate website. This is when I get involved. I have not spoken to our lawyer or any one else regarding this matter. I have simply looked at your account and see that you have decided to deposit and play and then decided to charge back your transactions. Now this no longer makes you a customer of the casino but more of a thief or even perhaps a fraudster of some sorts and that is when our security and risk team take this matter extremely seriously. In effect, you have stolen 'goods' from us.

I ask now that this matter gets dropped from this complaint section or I will need to post evidence to prove the casino's innocence in this matter. The only way I can do this, is by publicly posting your security documents as confirmation that you agreed to the deposits made. I have no other choice.

Kind regards,

Posted on October 30, 2014

We would like to remind Tropica Casino that the way they are communicating with the submitter of this complaint is totally unacceptable! No more threats neither any attempts for an intimidation of revealing sensitive personal information will be tolerated! Even if it turns out the player to be some kind of a fraudster and we believe this is not the case, what you are doing here is beyond any imagination for a fair and professional approach in resolving an issue with a player!

We sincerely hope that you are going to reconsider the way you are handling this case and find a better way of communication with your players. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Posted on October 31, 2014

Hi Askgamblers,

First and foremost, this player aside, I can not believe that you would even consider entertaining or allowing any player that has charged back to have a say on a forum like this. How can they come to you and even have a right to slander a casino when in fact they were the guilty party and we must just sit back and take the public abuse with no right to defend ourselves. Please explain to me how else would you like me to publicly prove our innocence should we have proof that a player has signed and agreed to the deposits?

However, I do agree that the communication to her was unacceptable and will be handled differently in future. It has been addressed internally.

I recommend to you that you do not allow players to slander other casino when they charge back after knowingly making deposits at a casino. This removes all their rights in my eyes.

The player has come to an agreement to settle, so this matter should be closed.

Please mark as resolved.


samantmd United States Message
Posted on November 2, 2014

This matter is now resolved.