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Spin Palace Casino conned by cash drop I didn't want

Posted on May 16, 2014.

Upon playing spin palace casino and winning , i proceeded to withdraw my winning. I then had a clear balance of 235 dollars. which i could withdrawl and was under no bonus clause. I log off the casino leaving my funds in place and when i next return i had received a cash drop worth $8

This $8 bonus meant my cleared funds had become locked with wagering requirements of $240 dollars.. how ironic.. just above the cleared amount i had.

i proceeded to contact spin place by chat askingh them to remove the bonus as iddnt want it or request it.. the host accuses me of playing the bonus of 8 dollars.. i did not play this bonus as i wasnt logged in to the casino at the time. then 8 dollars appeared about 2 hours later into a gaming session . i receive a pop up box telling me i have 8 dollars. So i immediatly contact live chat who were a total waste of time only interest in getting me to deposit.. they simply refused to remove the 8 dollars leaving my cleared funds now locked in .

Email, by phone , overall ive sent 40 emails and all un responded telling me of several occasions they are going to call me .. i can withdraw my funds still as they were locked in the bonus i didnt want or ask for or opt in to. it is the 2nd time spin palace have done this nasty deceitful trick..they tell to play my funds off whilst they look into my complaint..

I simply want my funds back now..manager finally rings me and offers 10 dollars to say sorry. not that and he will sort it out with the relevant department and come back to me. again im ignored for 3 weeks almost now.

I dont get any phone calls and when i ring them i get a rude call centre who cuts me off in south africa.

Im at a loss at what to do now as spin palace then locked my account for complaining about the poor service.

I havent done any bank chargebacks or anything but they simply wont acknowledge their very poor service.

They offer to compensate me but i want my 235 dollars.. i suggested the offer me 250 in full and final..

I simply get no response as I said..

Do i need to progress this to my bank as spin palace owe me 235 dollars.

I am disgusted at their behavior and would like advice on what to do next. Do I need to contact my bank to preform a charge back to get my funds they deceitfully locked in on purpose.

This is no coincidence either.. they actaually said on the phone to me "people are delighted to receive a free cash drop" i would be delighted too but no when it locks in all my cleared funds, why not give me free cash when account in zero not 235 dollars.

Simple answer is it locks in your money and you have turn it over 30 times. what a rip off casino with a disgraceful attittude.

It also means as a player you cannot leave any cleared funds in your account incase spin palace lock them in with a free cash drop you do not or not opted into to.

It is called ripping off your customers.

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