Slotville 2nd Bonus Scam

posted on October 26, 2011.

My first deposit with Slotsville yielded a 400% bonus with SLOTS400. When making a second deposit I tried to use the same code but to my surprise it didn’t work. I then read through the promotions page on and found the Bonus “Halloween Frightfest” only allowed on Tuesdays. To get this bonus, the promo states that you have to contact customer service and choose a number between 1-10. Then the customer service representative chooses your bonus. The bonus could be from 50%-300%. I apparently received 50%, the lowest possible. Disappointed with only the minimum bonus, I emailed [email protected] and was informed and I quote:

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately you received the SLOTS400 bonus already on the 22nd of this month when you made your initial deposit to the casino. This is a welcome bonus and only available on the first deposit.

On subsequent deposits you can only receive a 50% bonus on tuesdays and thursdays, or 150% on the weekend.

Kind regards,

Customer Support

Slotsville Casino

This email totally contradicts what the bonus states. The bonus states:

How it works: Select a number between 1 and 10, provide that number to our friendly customer support representatives via phone or Live Chat, and receive a spooky and random trick or treat bonus between 50% and 300% match worth up to $1000.

posted on October 27, 2011.

Hi rocky98!

Firstly thank you for choosing to play at SlotsVille.

As per the promotions section of our website, it is clear that our bonuses offered differ depending on the number of deposits you have made into the casino and the day of the week. For first time depositors, we offer a 400% match bonus for deposits (subject to t&c), which you indeed received on your first deposit made into Slotsville Casino.

In regards to subsequent bonuses, we offer players a 50% match bonus on Tuesdays, Thursdays and 150% match on the weekend (depending on deposit method). However, throughout the month on October we are in fact offering a Halloween bonus, as you have mentioned in your complaint letter. As per the t&c of the Halloween bonus, the percentage you receive is dependent upon the number you select between 1-10 and is random.

Unfortunately you selected the number corresponding to the 50% match bonus. This however actually corresponds to the Tuesday bonus of 50% match which you had also been eligible for, and thus you were in in the same position taking the Halloween bonus as you would have been had you received the Tuesday weekday promotion.

When making your next deposit, at SlotsVille or anywhere else it is always recommended to review the promotions tab of the website to see exactly what offers are available to you at the time.


SlotsVille Casino

posted on October 31, 2011.

My complaint pertains to the coupon itself. The customer will never know what magical number SlotsVille has designated for the 300% bonus. This is the very heart of my complaint. After receiving my mediocre bonus I contacted SlotsVille customer support concerning the 300% bonus number. How would I know if SlotsVille in reality never had 300% bonus number? The problem I have with this promotion (which I dubiously signed up for) is the fact that we don’t know if SlotsVille gave anyone a 300% bonus from the number they chose.

I call this deceptive marketing and a deceptive bonus structure. Instead of just crediting my account for the 25$ bonus (because remember I did make a deposit) Slotsville wants to handle this complaint by making derogatory statements to customer who are actually making deposits.

Lastly, in my opinion for all potential customers, I would stay clear of this casino. I originally thought they could be trusted from other online reviews but after being treated like this I don’t need any part of them.

posted on November 2, 2011.

Hi rocky98 - SlotsVille casino in no way is trying to mislead or deceive our customers. In actuality we thought this would be a fun promotion for Halloween and we can assure you that there are customers who have received to maximum 300% bonus.


SlotsVille Casino Support