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Rich Casino - Payment/Blocked Account

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Rich Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 17000
Posted on May 16, 2014

Hello...I am registering a complaint against Rich Casino.

I have been a member of this particular casino for more than a year, and as my account number/user name was transferred from my years of membership with Golden Palace/Golden Casino, I believe these casinos are in some way related.

To make a long story short, I play only Blackjack in what ever casino I am at, and at Rich, it is no different.

Now, I should probably offer up a positive towards this casino in that their support staff, through chat, is just that...very supportive. Also, the 4-5 times that I have submitted a withdrawal request, it has been approved, and I have received my winnings.

Now, fast forward to a few weeks ago. I was in the middle of a pretty good streak, playing multi-hand Blackjack, at a 10-100$ table. After an initial deposit of ~1100$, I got myself up to ~5000$, when I made my first withdrawal request, which was approved after the initial "pending" period.

I continued to play, and got my account balance up to ~13K, when, after the week waiting period, I submitted another withdrawal request, which was also approved, and I received my payout.

All good so far.

I then got my balance up to ~17K, and after a weeks time, submitted another withdrawal request. Here is where everything took a turn

My job takes me out of town for a couple days at a time, and when I got home, and logged into my account, I found that it had been blocked.

I called Rich's customer service line, and was told that an email had been sent to me detailing what the situation was, and why I was being blocked.

I checked my email...nothing.

I called back the next day and was told by my "account manager" that another email would be sent out immediately...well, that never happened either.

I called back and was put on the phone with some account/security individual, who basically informed me as to the content of this email that I was to have received.

So here goes...(and maybe I'm ignorant to this procedure)...but he said that my account was being closed, and my winnings negated, because in the eyes of the management team as well as security, it was perceived that my "betting style" as well as my "playing strategy", were indicative of an individual who was playing at their casino as something more than just a "player", who was there for the entertainment value.

They were afraid that I was playing in a way that was detrimental to their bottom line?

Hmm..not sure about that one. Especially at a 10-100 table, and the constant randomness of the game itself, I cannot see how ANY betting strategy, or "playing style" would ultimately erase any house edge

So there it is..my account is still blocked and there has been NO communication nor explanation from Rich since our last call.

I would love to attach a screen shot of my final balance when this all took a nasty turn, but I can't even log in to do that, and it has probably been removed at this point

Posted on September 24, 2013

Dear AskGamblers

Thank you for bringing this complaint to our attention

schism67 account was closed as he was recently found using an abusive-betting pattern, by using gaming techniques and betting patterns to take advantage and manipulate the casino games to his favor, a clear violation of our terms and conditions;

“The RichCasino Account is intended for personal entertainment and non-professional gambling. Accessing the RichCasino Account for any other purposes than the aforementioned is strictly prohibited…. RichCasino reserves the right at all times to, at its own discretion: Forfeit and/or confiscate funds available on a RichCasino Account and/or refuse to honor a claim, in the event that, directly or indirectly, the RichCasino Rules have been violated and/or other unauthorized activities have occurred in connection with a betting event and/or the operation of a RichCasino Account. This is subject to any of the said events being in connection with the RichCasino Account and/or the claim in question.”

As kindly mentioned by schism67; Rich Casino always honored and approved his payout requests, paid on time, were always supportive and always available to assist with any request . However, this has come to an end following the findings of September 18th whereas a thorough investigation was completed by our senior game experts along with our security and fraud division that came to a conclusive decision to close schism67's account and void the fraudulent winnings in accordance with the aforementioned rule which is also reinstated on paragraph 8.7.1 “Any winnings made using advantage-betting methods shall be considered fraudulent and shall immediately become void”

Because schism67 claimed to have not received the notification via email even though we have sent it couple of times, it was also explained via recorded phone conversation that his account will be closed due to his advantage-betting pattern and all winnings related to such abusive behavior were to be voided at which point he offered to “start from scratch”, admitting the unlawful behavior at the same time.

Presently schism67 account is closed and related winnings are voided.


Posted on September 25, 2013

OK...ok. This is all probably going to go nowhere, but Rich Casino's response really needs to be addressed.

Three words jump out at me from their response: Abusive, Unlawful, and Fraudulent.

All three words Rich Casino uses to describe me, and my style of play.

I am going to put it out here, exactly the way that I played the hands/rounds of this particular multi-hand Blackjack game, and whoever wishes to indict me, have at it. Rich already has.

It was a four hand table where you can play one to four hands at a time. The table limit is 10-100.

I would most often play three hands, starting with ten bucks a hand. Then win or lose, I would bump the bet to twenty-five bucks a hand...Win or lose, I would go to fifty a hand, then finally one hundred a hand, and win or lose, I would start over again.

Now there were also times ( after I was up a bunch ) where I would bet a flat one hundred bucks over four hands. Sometimes win all four, sometimes lose all four, sometimes other combinations. All random, and a lot of big swings.

Rich fails to recall all the swings of this particular game, both up and DOWN. There were times when it seemed as though the game was rigged, when the dealer would bust 3-4 times over the course of 35-40 hands, but as a blackjack player, I understand the uneven nature this game can be at times.

Now you could make the argument that my betting style over my play of three hands at a time, was one of a progressive nature, but how in God's name could that style of play , especially with a high limit of a paltry one hundred bucks, be deemed as abusive, or unlawful??

As Jorge45 aptly put it, this is merely an "online casino" acting in the stereotypical "online casino" fashion.

Instead of paying out, or better yet, calling me, or emailing me, or live chatting me, and saying..."hey there..you need to bet differently, or play one hand at a time(even thought they offer a multi-hand game), or whatever it was that needed to be said, so I could get a better idea of what it was that I was doing "fraudulently" in their eyes.

Nope...they took the coward's way, and closed my account...voided my winnings, and headed for the hills...acting the part of the victim.

But we all know this going in, right? We know the unfortunate ends of these complaints

They all find some loophole to use so that if you do HAPPEN to win big (emphasis on HAPPEN)...they don't have to make good on it.

And as to my "admitting" unlawful activity? I recall asking what it was that I did wrong, and the "manager" hemmed and hawed around, eluding to the way that I bet, and that Rich Casino only wanted players who were there to have fun...i.e. dump your money to them..

Posted on September 29, 2013

Dear AskGamblers

RichCasino members receive their withdrawals in a timely and efficient matter, regardless if these payouts are from big winnings or not, as long as they are obtained by honest playing practices. Up to this point, schism67’s withdrawal requests were always honored until he decided to use advantage playing techniques.

Like any online casino, players who use strategic and/or advantage-betting patterns, which are considered a fraudulent act, are not welcome at RichCasino. Once such evidence is found and Similar to a land based casino, warning players of their fraudulent behavior is not recommend or practice and a person who employs an unaccepted and illegal gaming strategy is escorted out and banned, an online casino adopts the same practices.

Due to his deceitful behavior, schism67 left us with no alternative but to permanently close his account and therefore void the winnings fraudulently obtained.


Rich Casino

Posted on September 29, 2013

I really don't care if Rich offers any more "insightful" responses to this complaint.

Their first two responses pretty much sum it all up as to their warped mentality concerning this issue.

Again, I would just like to reiterate the fact that in no way, shape or form was my playing or "betting style" utilized with any fraudulent, or illegal, or deceitful, forethought or manner, which is the laughable claim of this entity.

To quote from a "do's and don'ts publication concerning online gambling:

"There is a common misconception that betting systems such as progressive betting are illegal in casinos. The truth is that casinos love these types of players. Especially the ones using negative progressive betting. Simply because they all usually end up losing way more had they been betting a normal amount every time. However, I should note that a casino can ask you to stop playing at any given time for any reason they choose to offer you."

So this sums it up, which is why Rich needn't lay some lame libelous response on me, making claims about a my playing style, with which they have no inkling.

It is simply speaking to the end of the previous quote, whereas this particular casino decided to do what they did...void my winnings, and block my account....just because.

And this situation simply places Rich Casino right up there with the plethora of other casinos on this site, and calls them out for what they truly are....

Posted on October 2, 2013

Dear AskGamblers

The term Advantage gambling, or advantage play techniques, refers to a practice of using ways to gain a mathematical advantage to favor the user, in this case schism67.

At this point in time we can assure that schism67 is familiar with these illegal practices as his recent gaming pattern fits to what is carefully described as a positive progressive betting on the same article he quoted from in his previous reply (http:­//w­ww.g­ui­det­oon­lin­eca­sin­os.c­om­/pr­ogr­ess­ive­-be­tti­ng-­bla­ckj­ack.php)

We would like to remind schism67 and all readers that the use of these advantage-play techniques and betting systems are not allowed at Rich Casino as we have a zero tolerance policy towards players who intend to take advantage of the casino by employing these fraudulent and illegal techniques.


Rich Casino

Posted on October 2, 2013

We can go back and forth all day..

The only thing that really needs to be reiterated here, is the FACT that whatever way it was that I laid my chips on the "betting circle", in whatever order, and with whatever amount, was neither ILLEGAL, nor FRAUDULENT.

As I stated waaaaay back in response #1, there were times toward the latter part of my play at Rich where I bet flat across four hands....if that is a system that is progressive in nature, then I need to rethink everything that I believe in the world, and start from scratch.

It also seems that the powers that be at Rich Casino need to take a class in word definition, so as to understand the correct use of the words they choose to describe something, or someone, such as illegal and fraudulent.

The point is simply this:

NO betting "system" is going to take advantage of any casino, much less one of an online nature.

What Rich Casino did was simply decide that they were going to void my winnings, and to save face , they described my play, as that of a cheat....

And as with all casinos, they are well within their rights to do what they did, for whatever reason they see fit....

A word of advice to Rich Casino and whatever other casino chooses to act in this rouge manner....just simply say that you closed a particular account, and refused a payout to a customer because you felt like it. After all...that basic reason is in YOUR T&C, right?

Enough of this BS of how the customer was not playing fair, and your feelings were hurt, or whatever else you are basically stating in all these thin skinned responses.

In other words, just be honest...oh wait

Posted on October 5, 2013

Dear Ask Gamblers,

We would like to point out that our analysis on schism67 game records was not limited to a number of hands but far more extensive and thus such an analysis cannot be performed and/or be influenced by 4 hands. Nonetheless, our findings following this investigation have also been confirmed by the extensive knowledge base schism67 has on this topic.

More to the point, well-known betting systems include techniques such as card counting, betting algorithms, progressive betting and others. Techniques such as these are considered fraudulent and illegal in both online casinos as well as land based casinos as indeed, it does offer the user a clear advantage and thus this betting system, as many others, are not allowed in any casino.

As clearly mentioned in our Terms & Conditions winnings made using these methods shall be considered fraudulent and shall immediately become void.


Rich Casino

Posted on October 6, 2013

And these responses of Rich Casino simply puts them into the good old "rogue" category.

These are games, created with software that allegedly produces random results, but somehow can be manipulated by a "betting system"? A betting "system" that I clearly describe in my previous response. (Hardly a "system" I might add)

In all my years with Golden Palace, and Golden Casino,(casinos which are affiliated with Rich Casino, by the way), I never had an issue like this, and I have been playing the same way, in the same style, all along.

So there you have it...Rich Casino is simply a rogue casino that, when the spirit moves them, decides to make all payouts void...steer clear folks!

Posted on October 8, 2013

Dear AskGamblers,

As Schism67 mention on his original post, We have always honored his withdrawals and completed in a timely matter while these gaming techniques were not employed. At this point in time our decision to permanently close Schism67 account as well as to void the winnings is final based on the fraudulent evidence already presented by our senior game experts and our security and fraud division in accordance to out terms and conditions.

Moving forward and based on the last two responses, it is clear that Schism67 has now redirected his attention to badmouthing the casino, hence we kindly ask that this complaint be considered solved and closed.


Rich Casino

Posted on October 9, 2013

Dear Ask Gamblers, as well as Rich Casino...

I feel this complaint has NOT been resolved, as simply evidenced by Rich Casino's refusal to payout my winnings to me, as well as their canned responses, which have no merit.

As for badmouthing this rogue entity, what is to be expected?

They have alleged on their very site that their games are all conducted with software that runs in a truly random fashion, whether it be slot games, or table games.

According to their issue with me, they are saying quite the opposite.

Their claim is that I somehow took advantage of the "house", or in other words, took advantage of this "random" software, with my alleged system of betting, as well as my alleged style of play at a blackjack game.

How can it be both ways?

It cannot, which is why this complaint, and subsequent badmouthing, were issued, and warranted.

At a land based casino, if your betting style happens to be a style that is against casino rules, and I do not mean truly trying to take advantage of them by utilizing methods that are definitely in the cheating category, the pit boss is not going to come over, ask for your players card, snip it into a million pieces, grab your stack of chips, and throw them back into the chip tray, and say "How dare you take advantage of us in this fashion! Your winnings are hereby surrendered, and you no longer have players privileges here!"

Nope...as commented by Jorge45 below, the big boy will come over, have you color up your winnings, and kindly ask you to leave, and say that you are no longer welcome at that particular casino.

But as we are not dealing with a real casino in this case, I guess things are handled differently.

Had I bet the way I did, and LOST the big bets instead of won them, and subsequently lost my bank roll, this conversation would not be existing.

As a matter of fact, Rich would email me and say "Hey...as a wonderful, loyal member of our casino, here's a couple hundred bucks to get you started again...enjoy"

In short, what's right is right...plain and simple.

Rich Casino unfortunately had a player who won a little bit more than they wanted to payout, and so they decided to play the "gaming expert" card, and throw out words such as fraudulent, and unlawful, and illegal, close this players account and void his winnings.

Am I a professional gambler as they suggest? Hardly.

I happen to love the game of blackjack, and the long term success that the utilizing of basic strategy allows for.

Unfortunately, Rich Casino only wants suckers at their place. Players who only ultimately lose all of their money to them. (and believe me...I have dumped PLENTY to them, right Rich?)

So, let's describe this situation for what it truly is...a casino that simply does not want to payout, because they simply do not want to payout...simple as that

Posted on October 13, 2013

Dear Ask Gamblers,

Rich Casino welcomes all members who wishes to join us. However, like every online casino entity, all members must abide at all times by the governed rules of the online casino and our decision on schism67 case was solely based on facts and evidences already presented.

As stated before, Rich Casino has no intention or gain withholding winnings for any member, and will honor all payouts while these are obtained in a legitimate manner, once schism67 breached the user agreements we had no alternative but to permanently close his account and void the winnings obtained. Though schism67 claims he played the same way all along, we can confirm this was not the case, as our game experts often verifies each member to avoid the use of these techniques.

schism67, not only admitted the use of advantage betting –system: “I happen to love the game of blackjack, and the long term success that the utilizing of basic strategy allows for” but also offered to start from scratch when confronted and informed that all winnings were voided. However, His refusal to admit this is only another strategy designed to provide him an advantage, similar to the one used in his game-play.

Unfortunately specific game logs cannot be disclosed as this will enable schism67 and other players alike to bypass the security systems of online casinos to their own advantage.

We consider we have addressed all of his inquiries, and kindly ask this complaint be considered solved and closed


Rich Casino

Posted on October 13, 2013

Well I see the truth has finally come out...

You see, it has bothered me all along that when I called Rich Casino initially, to find out what it was that I was allegedly doing in an illegal fashion, or in any fashion that was against casino rules, the gentleman was unable to articulate exactly what it was that prompted the casino to close my account and void my winnings.

It was at this point where I ASKED this gentleman if it was the manner in which I bet, or the manner in which I played, or what? It wasn't that I admitted to anything, as Rich suggests.

All he told me was that Rich Casino only wanted players who were there participating in a manner that what strictly for entertainment purposes.

Now while it is true that I suggested to him that I start with a clean slate, moneywise, this was only because I has enjoyed my time at Rich casino AND my belief in my abilities to win at a stupid card game...a game by the way which comes with a little thing called BASIC STRATEGY.

I am not sure who this responder is who has been retained by Rich to field these complaints, but they either do not work directly for the casino, or have no inkling as to what basic strategy is and how a clickable table showing how to play certain hands of blackjack is readily available to all who play the game...ON THEIR VERY SITE!

I was actually complimented by Ted, one of their support agents, on my blackjack ability, and we got into a discussion of the nature of the game, the swings, the long term approach one must have, etc. and this was even after I was up a bunch, and he made NO mention of anything concerning my play, betting style, strategy, etc.

I only bring this up because it was in the previous response that Rich quoted me speaking of my utilizing this basic strategy, and suggested that it was this "method" of mine that forced their "experts" to banish me from the site, and wrongfully void my winnings.

I reiterate that this "method" called basic strategy is one that was, is, and will always be used by people who seriously play the game of blackjack.

So there is that point which cannot be refuted responsibly by Rich Casino...and I am still waiting for my other complaint to receive some element of a responsible answer....and that is to my point of the alleged random software they claim to use, and how it can be, that WHATEVER my method of putting WHATEVER amount down on a betting circle, or circles, is going to, in any way, provide ME with some sort of advantage.

It is CLEARLY evident at this point, by the nature of the responses by Rich Casino, and their unexplainable ignorance to what is allowed and not allowed on their very site, as well as their most recent response, that it is true what I have been saying all along...

Rich Casino simply wants the complete novice at their casino....customers who are simply there for the sounds of the bells, and all the lights and bright colors...

I won my money fair and square, and now it has become obvious that it is indeed Rich Casino who is acting in a truly irresponsible fashion...I should throw illegal, fraudulent, and unlawful in there to boot.

Posted on October 17, 2013

Dear Askgamblers,

Schism67 insists on reiterating queries with the purpose of further tumulting this conversation. We ask for the complaint to be judged on facts and evidence already presented as we consider to have addressed all Schism67’s inquiries and in this light we kindly ask that this complaint be consider solved and closed.


Rich Casino

Posted on October 18, 2013

I am sorry to keep reiterating the fact that this complaint IS NOT solved by any stretch.

Believe me...I would like to have this issue resolved as well, however the proper resolution is one that Rich Casino refuses to acknowledge.

As far as being tumultuous, I bet that any one of Rich Casino's personnel would get mighty tumultuous if they were in my shoes and were told that they would not receive their rightful winnings, and have the only form of communication be a complaint forum.

As for my queries, they HAVE NOT been addressed, showing Rich Casino's complete lack of responsibility to that end.

To completely bolster my case, here is the EXACT "Fair Gaming" page from their site:

Fair Gaming

www.RichCasino.com has the expertise and professionalism of knowing the importance of establishing a fair gaming environment for its players.

www.RichCasino.com guarantees its commitment to fair gaming. Its professional, supportive, and secure environment allows for a winning experience.

In order to ensure that the performance of the “Dealer” (Powered by a computer at www.RichCasino.com) is truly random, a sophisticated RNG (Random Number Generator) is utilized.

The Random number generator has been tested by leading international accounting and auditing firms on www.RichCasino.com software, By running millions of game rounds and analyzing their outcomes, the system is being periodically tested to ensure its ongoing accuracy.

The average payout percentage, which is the percentage of total winnings to total wagered amounts, is reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure the systems ongoing randomness and fairness here at www.RichCasino.com casino.

www.RichCasino.com maintains a truly fair, transparent, and secure gaming environment and builds long-lasting relationships with our players. To demonstrate our transparency there is a unique, built-in game and financial history feature. Any player can review every wager s/he has ever placed, including the exact date and time, amount wagered, winnings, and detailed game results. The financial transaction history displays all deposits and withdrawals from the player's casino account. Both of these features can be accessed at any time while online.

This page from Rich Casino's very site, completely contradicts any notion they may have regarding my so called "advantage" betting style, or illegal game play.

Ask gamblers, or anyone on the planet with an internet connection, can feel free to see this section concerning fair gaming, on the site itself.

So in short, let me boil this complaint down for those at Rich Casino who still refuse to comprehend the severity of their actions, and continue to believe that somehow I am only on this forum to be tumultuous and frivolous.

I am filing this complaint for non payment of winnings that were EARNED LEGITIMATELY at Rich Casino.

My case has been proven with black and white text from their very site, as well as their refusal to acknowledge the facts surrounding this whole issue.

I will take this issue as far as it needs to be taken in order to receive the just outcome that I deserve.

Posted on June 8, 2018

This complaint has been reopened due to the declared willingness on behalf of Rich Casino management to do everything within their power to solve their old complaints. AskGamblers Complaints Team is happy to give these old cases one more chance for a successful resolution.

Posted on June 8, 2018


Thank you AskGamblers for reopening this complaint and we would like to also thank the customer for his patience while we investigated this.

After a second review of the situation of the account we can confirm that our system at the time has detected high risk external flags caused by the use of betting patterns. Our Security team acted according to the rules of the site when decided to close the account as per rule 8.7.1 from our Terms and Conditions at that time, stating that “Any winnings made using advantage-betting methods shall be considered fraudulent and shall immediately become void”.

We like to think that every account created on our site is a partnership and would like to give a friendly collaboration another try. In order to resolve any disagreements or misunderstanding in an amicable manner, we decided to add the funds that have been deducted at the time of the account closure back to the account and, should you want us to, we will also enable it.

We hope to hear from you soon as we have tried to reach you multiple times now and we are looking forward to seeing you online. Thank you once again for choosing our services and know that we appreciate all effort put into solving this matter.

We rest at your and AskGamblers’ full disposal in case you have any questions or need any extra information.

Kind regards,
The Rich Casino Team

Posted on June 12, 2018

Dear @schism67,

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint. Please keep in mind that you are supposed to reply within the given 96-hours time frame, otherwise AskGamblers Complaints Team will consider the case as Resolved and it will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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