Play United - Cant belieive it

posted on December 30, 2010.

Was playing at Play United casino when i made a deposit of $40 and received $40 bonus. After getting to about $250 in total (including winnings) i thought i would try a withdrawal of $50. It accepted my request but took back the bonus i was given which i didn't mind as i thought it was only fair. Played for about another 2 hours to which i had some small wins so i withdrew another $50 and then another $100. At this time i have withdrawn $200 and still have $220 in my account to bet with. After about 3 hours of playing the operator came up and told me that due to me withdrawing an amount before betting requirements were met that i would not be receiving any of my withdrawn winnings and that my current $220 would also be getting reset to $40. I told them that if this was the case with betting requirements why did they allow me to withdraw the first $50 as well as claim back there bonus. Was told that i had won with bonus money even though after my first withdrawal i still had about $170 in my account to play with (plus they had already taken back there bonus deposit already), so i believe i was playing with my money i had won and not the bonus money. I stated that if i could not actually withdraw why did they let me do so. Was given a big run around. After all is said, if i was not allowed to withdraw my first $50 i would still have met my requirements during the evening to be able to have withdraw $400 plus dollars but was only told this after already making 3 withdrawals.

I believe this is very unfair as these winnings were a big deal to me and are just a drop in the ocean to their ever growing bank account. If you need any more details please e mail me. Thinking this casino might be a bit of a scam to take your money either way. As stated, when i made my first withdrawal of $50 there was no complaint, only after actually winning some decent cash (to me) was there a complaint on there behalf. Very rude......

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