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Slots Jungle Casino - Non Payment - Delayed Withdrawals - Excuses

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Slots Jungle Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 1000
Posted on June 20, 2014

it is now June and I am back once again to complain about Delayed/Non Payment of Withdrawal requests by SlotsJungle Casino.

I've been down this road 1 too many times with SJ....I filed my last complaint not long ago.... after making me jump through enough hoops and dragging it out for weeks.. they finally id pay up (and in the process actually charged me $20 for 2 wire outs (when it was supposed to me 1 wire for total amount).

Anyway I had sworn off SJ for good, or so I thought, when a last week I received a very friendly email form my so-called VIP account rep telling me about all the new benefits for VIP customers 'lie me', and how they were revamping everything to make their VIPs happy. Including (see email text :

"We have decided to make some big changes in the Casino,

A lot of which are huge benefits for our players.
One of the biggest changes is an entierly new management .
With that being said, We, the account managers team arent going anywhere,

But we are going to have a lot more freedom in what we can do for our VIPs.

You, as one of our most valued VIP players will be able to enjoy amongst others things from:

· Even faster withdrawal times.
· A special VIP program that will be set up for you according to your wants and needs.
· Developing a more “one-on-one” relationship.
Basically, our aim is to establish a personal relationship with our VIPs to ensure that you
Are always satisfied playing here.
I want you to know that whatever you need, im here and I will do me best to helpYou with every issue, request or need you have.

I would also be happy to hear any suggestions, thoughts, ideas or complaints you might Have regarding your experience at Slots Jungle."

So, like the forgiving person I am I gave them another try.. I could kick myself right now. I deposited a few times.. and a miracle happened. I actually won $1,000.00. Then the fun started once again. I entered my withdrawal request as usual. And I forwarded the email from the Finance Dept to 'my account rep' confirming the request.

Two days later I emailed my account rep and asked him when the wire would go out (since they supposed now offer these 'faster payouts' for VIPs.... they did say that in the email, right?

SO my rep emailed me back and told me the wire was going on on Monday (that would be yesterday June 16th. yesterday came & went, no wire. When I checked my SJ account I saw that the withdrawal had not even been approved yet (it is still not approved as of right now 5pm on Tues 6/17). SO I emailed my rep again... this time no reply, I emailed him 3 more times, no reply. I sent him screenshots of the 'pending withdrawal' so he could see that nothing has been done at all. I just emailed him again about 10 mins ago, again, telling him the withdrawal is still pending, now wire has gone out and providing a screenshot of the 'still pending' withdrawal. No reply.

I cc'd the Finance Dept on the last email as well.

I am sure there will eventually be a reply and it will be just as it was with all the other times I've had to struggle to get my withdrawal approved & $$ wired out... There will be excuse after excuse, then demanding that I jump through more hoops, and weeks will go by before any $$ is sent.. if ever.

I know others have had the same issue with SJ , so I am not alone. But I really wanted to believe that they had changed their game... the so-called 'new management' is nothing more than the old management in disguise!

Posted on June 18, 2014


the message sent by the account managers is real and everything mentioned on it is actually happening. Services provided by VIP account managers include faster withdrawals and dedicated assistance.

Please let me know your username so I can request a VIP account manager to look into this.

Just FYI, the procedure for VIP players is faster so the fact that you see the withdrawal not approved yet doesn't mean anything, because it can be done immediately within the same day.

Once I get your username Ill proceed.

Best regards,

Posted on June 18, 2014


I just got an update from your VIP account manager and your payment was already sent. I believe there's no need to recur to the forums on this case, your personal account manager took proper care of this incident immediately.

Best regards,

Posted on June 18, 2014

My 'personal manager' has not responded to any of my emails yet! Payment has not been sent. I just received email this afternoon(from SJ Finance Dept) stating withdrawal was just approved. They can say to you 'payment was sent' doesn't mean it was. last time they said the same thing , they said it for 10 days.. and guess what.. it was never sent... after 10 days they finally admitted it, then they said it was sent, but then contradicted that by saying they had 'problems' with the payment processor. Basically they lied for over a week and delayed payment.. Then they forced me to send them copies of 'my bank statement' to prove that I was not lying about receiving the wire... All the while, they knew it had never been sent. And when they finally sent the wires, they charged me $20 each to send them.

If/when I get the wire this time.. then I will consider my complaint resolved, but not until then.

Posted on June 19, 2014

As I said the 'excuses & delays' have begun... just received an email this morning from 'another SJ person, claiming to be my account rep (this is not the same person who claimed to be my rep 3 days ago who has still not replied to my emails since then). She is now telling me that me that my withdrawal was 'just approved', which obviously means that it was not approved on Monday(when I was told he wire would go out), nor was it processed Tuesday or Wednesday either. No payment has been sent , and she is now starting the 'apologize for the delay' BS.. This is 'exactly' the same pattern as last time. They lie. They told 'you' payment has been sent right? SO they lied to you as well. I've attached copy of the latest email. I expect this to drag out for at least 2 weeks, the same as it did before.

Posted on June 19, 2014

Hi donb,

your case is being handled in proper timing and manner by our VIP account manager team. The payment was approved and requested to be sent within the regular VIP procedures and timing.

I wont be able to help over here, since this case is being taken care by our representatives.

The payment should be arriving to your bank account today or tomorrow.

Update us once you get it.

Best regards,

Posted on June 19, 2014

Did you not read my latest response? SJ has begun the stalling process, 'exactly' as they did the last time. I was told the payment went Monday by Andrew/SJ. Then Andrew disappeared and never replied to my emails. The YOU were told payment had been sent sent already, right? Now I am told today by MIka/SJ this morning, that withdrawal had 'just been approved' and she was sorry for the delay. This is exactly he way it went last time. Nothing will happen and then tomorrow nothing will happen as their Finance Dept is closed on Fridays. Then next Monday there will be another excuse why the $$ was not yet sent. And so on , and so on. I am not blaming for relaying the info they are telling you. I am just telling you that you are being fed the same BS as I am. This has been the same pattern since I began playing at SJ (years ago). I used to think this was normal, but I also play at other casinos who 'do' exactly as they say they will. Requests are approved on Tuesdays, the wire is in my bank account on Wed morning.. never a problem.

Posted on June 19, 2014

Hi Donb,

I work here so I believe I got the right information.

I also understand that I wont be able to read any positive feedback from you even if our team is working the best they can to assist you.

Please update us once you receive the money, I believe it will be within the mentioned dates.


Posted on June 19, 2014

I am not saying that you are not trying to assist. But obviously SJ is not being honest with either of us. I will be glad to post a positive response when/if i get the $$ :)

Posted on June 19, 2014

Hi Donb,

they are being honest, the amount was sent already, confirmed by the finance team :)

Just fyi, since you are a VIP player, your withdrawal was treated as a priority. You should receive it within the mentioned dates.

I can tell you, the VIP account manager team is becoming more efficient. You can expect much better services from now on.

Best regards and have an awesome day!

Posted on June 20, 2014

I am back to post 'positive' remarks, as I said I would. Wire was received today. Thank you for your assistance.

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