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Lucky247 Casino - Account closed, won't pay back balance or deposits

Chris567 Ireland
posted on August 11, 2014.

In short, I opened an account (declined all bonus's) deposited £475, then tried to withdraw £352 after playing for a bit. The withdrawal was cancelled pending account verification (passport and utility scan), which I sent off by email.

Lucky 247 then emailed to say my account is closed, no real reason given, and keep quoting clause 19.1 which says any losses won't be refunded, etc etc.
So I won't get the deposits back, which is fine, but the balance at the time of account closure is apparently lost as well, which I can't believe is right.

I've rang 3 times, emailed 4 or 5, apparently ' no further communication will be entered into..."

posted on August 11, 2014.

Dear @Chris567,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

Chris567 Ireland
posted on August 12, 2014.

No, no update, I was hoping to get a reply from lucky247 here, I will try and ring them again, I'll update here once I have made a call

posted on August 13, 2014.

Hi - Mark here from Lucky247

Due to the sensitive nature of this incident I've messaged Chris567 directly to explain the reasons that the casino took the action that it did on this account.

Chris567 Ireland
posted on August 13, 2014.

I've had the direct message from lucky247 now. Basically this very 'sensitive' message is that the 3rd party I.d verification company lucky247 uses has come back an said the utility bill scan I provide has been 'tampered with'. I have no idea what this means, it was my last electricity bill.
I spoke to lucky247 today, they seemed to accept that if I was actually trying to commit some sort o fraud It was unlikely if be chasing this so hard - also I keep having to remind myself that I actually lost ~£100, so it wouldn't be the great fraud ever....
Anyhow, lucky247 went back to the if checking company who it appears have refused to re-look at the issue, so again the message from lucky247 is basically 'sorry, but we've confiscated your money", just this time they are blaming the 3rd party they use.

I am still finding this hard to believe, I haven't done anything wrong, bu because my electricity bill isn't acceptable I've lost my accout balance - I don't seem to have an option to provide any other I.d, or rescan the elec bill, etc etc.

This is very concerning for the confidence we should have in online gaming sites.

Chris567 Ireland
posted on August 15, 2014.

I've heard nothing back from lucky247 since the last post, which is disappointing.

I've now just scanned over to them a mobile/home broadband phone bill, the first page of my last bank statement, my car insurance document, the letter which my last car tax disc came with and a letter confirming a direct debit I've got set up. I can provide more documents proving my id at my address if needed.

All of these docs have the home address I have registered on lucky247 with. A couple reference the exact bank account I used on lucky247 gaming site.

If the official line is still that my documents were tampered with I invite a representative from lucky247 to personally come and visit me to check it is my house.

Also I want to point out that the car insurance and tax disc letters, and probably bank statement, are official documents. It would be illegal to make my own versions of these. So if lucky247 still isn't comfortable to release my money then they should inform the police of their belief I am providing falsified documents.

But overall the explanation that the 3rd party verification company lucky247 uses won't re-look at this issue is now very weak.

I have been waiting circa 5 weeks for my money now. I have reviewed lucky247 t&c's in detail and can't find any clauses which reasonably justify my cash being confiscated, given how I have acted and the documents I have provided.

I think now the reasonable thing to do is refund all of my initial deposits and close this matter. Obviously from lucky247 t&c's I'm only actually entitled to the balance of account : £352, but this has dragged on do long now I think I'm entitled for everything to be reset to the position before I made the (now regrettable) decision to open an account with licky247.

posted on August 15, 2014.

Hi - Mark here again from Lucky247

The action taken by the casino in this regard was in line with the LGA and eCogra regulations that it adheres to. While the 3rd party Risk Supplier was a factor, this was ultimately a decision made by the casino. Should you wish to pursue this further please feel free to follow the formal channels and contact either of these regulatory bodies.

Chris567 Ireland
posted on August 15, 2014.

I dont understand the comment there.

It was ultimately a decision made by the casino, but I should follow up with the 3rd party. If the decision was ultimately made by the casino what use is it trying to follow up with the 3rd parties?? Surely they will just say it was 'ultimately a decision made by the casino', and there's nothing they can do?

Can lucky247 please take a bit more ownership of this issue, I signed up to an account with lucky247, I find it unbelievably arrogant to tell me I need to resolve this issue by working with any other party then themselves.

I do not know what the official channels you refer to are, can you assist me with this and Infact follow up for me?

My concern initially was that lucky247 was not a genuine online casino and my money was being withheld unfairly. After the phone conversation two days ago with mark I felt assured this was not the case and in the event of a genuine mix up, like this situation, lucky247 did genuinely want me to not lose my money.

I am now starting to question If lucky247 actually cares at all. So far all I have got is clause 19.1 and then 19.3 quoted at me, a message saying no further communication will be entered into, and now I'm being asked to take this up with some other party then the casino itself.

Mark / lucky247, please can you confirm if you genuinely think I have acted without 'good faith' , if you have any intention to pay me the monies owed, and if you feel any responsibility yourselves in fixin the issues here? If I am wasting my time using askgamblers website and direct communication with yourselves I will have to look for an alternative route to recover my money .

posted on August 15, 2014.

Hi Chris,

The regulatory bodies are LGA and eCogra - apologies if I was unclear. The casino considers the matter closed but should you wish to pursue the matter these parties can provide you with a means.

Chris567 Ireland
posted on August 15, 2014.

I've just re-read marks email from above. After we spoke a few days ago mark said he would go back to the risk assessor and ask them to take another look at the documents. The feedback from that was that the risk assessor would not re-open the case, and their decision was final, so there was nothing more lycky247 could do.

This is totally at odds with marks last comment above where you explained the risk assessors view was just a contributory factor.

So can lucky247 explain why it has confiscated my balance other then for the reason the risk assessor wasn't happy?

Mark, please clarify the position.

Chris567 Ireland
posted on August 15, 2014.

@askgamblers do you have any views on this, do you have any advice on how I should proceed? Have you seen this type of 'brick wall' response before from any online casinos?

Chris567 Ireland
posted on August 15, 2014.

I've just received another email from lucky247, they say this issue has been agreed and closed on this forum. I disagree!

Lucky247 are coting clause 19.3 which allows them to close my account, and confiscate the balance IF I have broken one of the sub clauses, of which they are 14. They concern having multiple accounts, using software, being offensive to staff, etc etc.

I haven't done any of these things, and licky247 won't confirm which they are basing their decision on.

As I see it clause 19.3 is actually my best defence against what has happened here.

The casinos view is I need to take this up with the market regulator!!

I still can't believe lucky247 would do this to their customers, I've got my fingers crossed this is all a big mistake and someone at lucky will see sense and just fix this without me havin to get involved with the industry regulators.

posted on August 18, 2014.

Dear all,
After carefully reading all your responses and T&C of the casino. In this case we can recommend to the player to contact a Gambling Commission LGA or eCogra, because this issue can't be resolved here. We try to mediate between casino and a player but if the casino is referring to their T&C we can't do anything.

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