Kroon Casino - Unable to resolve tech problem with a bonus, refusing to refund

posted on July 7, 2016.

Signed up with a welcome bonus.
Funds got added, but got a message something went wrong and it also showed no active bonus.
But bonus fund did get added and all funds locked.

So i contacted support, and they would look into it. They could not answer the question wether or not i could play since it dint show a active bonus. So they could not tell me wether or not it would could for my wagering, but i could play they said.....

After waiting for 3 days and still not being a step further, because there support is really horrible worst in the business.
So i asked since i cant use what i payed for how i could get.

A. A refund
B. After the refund account close.

Since after 3 days i dint really wanna wait anymore.

Next day.... cant login to my account i contact support. "oh we closed your account by your request" So i told them no i simply asked what i needed to do to get my money back and close my account.

Again they told me they dont know and that i have to wait. I am getting nowhere with support. They refuse to refund me and i cant use my account / funds.

Played on allot of online casinos, but this is the WORST experience EVER by far.

posted on July 8, 2016.


After 4 days still no solution or fix, i got refunded.

posted on July 10, 2016.

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