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Drake Casino - Jackpot odds issues

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Disputed casino Drake Casino
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hoston777 United States Message
Posted on January 6, 2015

I signed up and played at Drake Casino for months and I found out Drake Casino intentionally confused players regarding to the jackpot generation.
Cash Grab Slots at Drake Casino has jackpot attached with, amount is from 1000-9000. I placed 2.25 per bet to try my luck for a jackpot every time. I checked the game rules and regulations, and there is no attachment in regards to how the jackpot has been generated....I believe that it would be random, but it doesn't mention that it would be eligible when players place max bet.......
I was wondering if I could win jackpot with 2.25, its tough, but I must know if I have chance at all. I chat with several customer service rep and most of them don't know, and I called to ask, and there would be several different answers to my issues........A customer representative event said yes to me......which is a lie.....
The jackpot of cash grab slots at drake casino must be with max bet, which is not fair and non-sense to players, you place 12.50 to against the odd for 1000-9000, not 10000-90000 range.......most players wont dont it because people must play with their budget and play wise to win......
I just found out the issue today, and Drake Casino would place the "notification" and attachment since tomorrow, which would be 12/24/12........
I do believe that many players who placed bet and try their luck at cash garb slots still don't know that they lost money without any chance to hit the jackpot, which they thought they did........
And drake casino must refund the money people lost at cash grab slots for integrity of gaming.........
I would love to see how Drake Casino handle this situation......

I just found out that the jackpot is only eligible for max bet which your game rule has never mentioned......I placed 2.25 with "zero" chance to win jackpot. I asked your customer service team several times. and got different answers for my doubts, there was a lady even said that I could win with 2.25, which is a lie......

Posted on December 29, 2014

Dear @hoston777,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

Posted on January 2, 2015

Hi hoston777,

I'm sorry for the delay in reply. With the holidays, some members of our team (myself included) were away and this ticket was overlooked until now. Every spin has a chance to win the jackpot, including any bet amount, and either a winning or losing spin. I'm not sure what you base the max bet amount comment on but I can tell you that many players have already hit this jackpot without wagering the max bet amount. I am going to meet with our Customer Service Management team to review this issue specifically as they should be aware of how our jackpots work.

I realize you've had a frustrating experience and it stems from a simple miscommunication on our team's part, but I can assure you that our cash grab progressive jackpot is correctly configured and customers hit it quite frequently at varying bet amounts. I would be happy to contact you directly by phone on Monday of next week to discuss this further.

Jay Parcells
Drake Affiliates

Posted on January 6, 2015

Any news?

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