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Hotstripe Casino - Giving me the runaround for a small 120 euro withdrawal

sazzad Bangladesh
posted on September 10, 2015.

Hi Askgamblers, I played into Hotstripe casino 1 week ago claim welcome bonus then won 100 euro after met wagering requirements.Then the ask my verification documents with my photo holding ID. I have sent all. Then I had deposited 20 euro in order to withdraw my winning in total 120 euro. After that they made several excuses! Even they (Jesse) said they can't process my withdrawal 120 euro due to Neteller trouble.Neteller does n't allow them to transfer my money. I know this is a big lie. I contacted them several times via email but they remains there that Neteller trouble but they wiil sort out with in 1-3 business days. Today is the 5th business days but they did not process my withdrawal 120 euro. More over they closed my account today if I can't contact with them.Are those all jokes or what? Please help me.

posted on September 11, 2015.

Can you please let us know your email address that is registered with the account so that I can accurately respond.

sazzad Bangladesh
posted on September 11, 2015.

My email address is [email protected]

In this casino all requested documents had been provided with amy photo holding my passport and was approved successfully. Then I had deposited 20 euro from my Neteller account requested by Jesse. After that She had started different excuses like, "Neteller does n't allow to process withdrawal", She asked me to be patience and she had assured me that she will process 120 euro into my Neteller account within 1-3 days.So,after her statements I had checked my account everyday twice but no payment arrived. Suddenly they closed my account yesterday for false claim which is completely false. I seek help from Askgamblers to resolve this trouble into both parties. I had opened one account and my nick name is Sazzad.Now I am at 2 weeks passing this trouble.

posted on September 12, 2015.

As you were told your Account was closed for violating our Terms and Conditions by have multiple accounts opens. Per our terms this is only one account per Valid ID.

sazzad Bangladesh
posted on September 12, 2015.

No! Dear Jesse, I never opened multiple accounts as you telling me now. If I had multiple accounts then you did n't allowed to logged in,You did n't approve my all documents including the photo holding my Passport. Now you are stalling my payments 120 euro including my deposit 20 after ran around 2-3 weeks. Even you Jesse several times had promised me that you will definitely process 120 euro after resolve your so called Neteller processing problemI have recorded everything you told me before closed my account.

Number 1 reply after my inquiry was : " I am very sorry you feel this way.
However this is on Netteller, they are delaying our activation for payments.
This problem should be resolved shortly please be patient."

Next reply was after my inquiry: "Netteller is the problem.
We have been waiting on them and should have this resolved any day now I am really sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you,"

The another (No.3) reply was: "This isn’t an excuse.
We are paying players that win.
All of them, Just netteller is giving us a hard time with payment processing.
So please be patient. "

Number 4 she replied: " No this is strictly a netteller problem.
It will be up and going in the next 1-3days.
Thank you, "

So those evidences clearly proved that Jesse had no intentions my winning 100 euro plus 20 euro deposit If I had any multiple accounts then she or they never approved my documents and my withdrawal.The only one excuse was Neteller don't allow to process my 120 euro according to them.

Actually 2 days ago I advised to Jesse not to play with me for my payments because I am playing online casino for last 6/7 years.After telling these statements my account was closed that day! Very interesting.

In the summery I can say clearly I never breached any T&C and I never opened multiple accounts. There is not possible to match everything even my photo holding ID with any other player in the world. Not even possible to match MAC & IP with any other player as I believe. But If you have any evidence That I have opened multiple accounts with everything same details then please send those evidences to AskGamblers and into my email.Have a nice weekend.


Khan Alam

[Note] I have attached some email conversations as evidences that she is trying to stalling my genuine payment 120 euro only.

posted on September 14, 2015.

Considering that we only have 5 players from you country and 2 come up with the same name as attached to us that looks very suspicious. We see this off and on when bonus money is lost another account is opened. We only allow 1 account per person so weed out the bonus hunter players.

sazzad Bangladesh
posted on September 14, 2015.

Fortunately,you did n't claimed that my name matched with all 5 players. Look Jesse, My country is a huge populated country around 150 millions people living here. And "Khan" actually not a name,its a family traditional title where some people use it before their name and some people use it as last name. As a new casino you got only 2 khan but I think if you run your casino atleast 1 year then you will get more 100s players who will be use there name khan somebody before their name and somebody last name. Now please come to the point. If both emails belong to me then both date of birth should be same.But it's impossible to match full name,date of birth and same picture into passport unless both are twine.Please dear Jesse try to understand,my email address is [email protected] and other email is not belong to me.At least 1000s of players playing online from my country as I believe,so part of a name can match with other players which does n't mean they everybody is a one player who made all multiple accounts into your casino. You ran around last 3 weeks by saying that Neteller is the problem for process my payment 120 euro.Now you trying to say I have multiple accounts!! If you thought I made multiple accounts by matching my some part of name with other player then why you did n't close my account before? Why you took my personal details including my photo holding ID? Why You asked me to deposit 20 euro in order to process 120 euro into same account as you promised? Why you wasted my valuable times?I know very well in the near future tons of complaint will be posted here.Because you guys never pays winning of players and steal players deposits.

Now I seek AskGamlers team to handle our case. Jesse is a lair and trying to say that both accounts belong to me which is really not. She just don't want to pay my 120 euro after ran around 3 weeks. All evidences provided previously. If Askgamblers team ask me any strong evidence then I can send to them for review. More over,I have more strong evidences which I did not posted yet.

sazzad Bangladesh
posted on September 20, 2015.

I got an email yesterday that my payment 120 euro had been paid but not received yet into my Neteller account where I had deposited from. I have attached both transaction records which clearly showing my payment 120 euro really had not been processed. So, I am now waiting to see my payment.

posted on September 21, 2015.

Payment was made via skrill see attached

sazzad Bangladesh
posted on September 22, 2015.

Please try to make me fool ok. I had deposited 20 euro from my Neteller Account so, you should pay me into same method I deposited. Moreover, I do n't have any skrill account ever! Though I tried to create a account with Skrill but the website showed we are not allowed to create account with them for country restriction. So,now you say how come I would receive my payment 120 euro only? Please transfer my payment into the same method Neteller I had deposited into casino. Unless I receive my payment into neteller my issue will be remain unresolved. I hope you will send my 120 euro into Neteller as soon as possible.


sazzad Bangladesh
posted on September 22, 2015.

Correction of the first line. " Please don't try to make me fool ok"

posted on September 23, 2015.

Now you are trying to take advantage of us. We are considering this closed. Per the attachment you successfully opened and account and was paid a week a go.

posted on September 28, 2015.

Based on evidence that casino presented we could confirm that player was paid via Skrill. We consider this complaint resolved and officially closed.