A deposit made to Polder Casino,NEVER been credit

posted on May 4, 2015.

I just want to say something about Poldercasino .
I have played at least 3 times a week at Poldercasino for years,alway,s there where no troubles till 28 April 2015.
I make wih ideal a payment from just €10,- in casino Polder.
The €10 was directlly booked of my bankaccount and i didn,t receive it for the first time in my casinoaccount, i say it to the livechat and they say sometime,s this happend ,and i shall have to look after 1 hour !
After a few hours the money was still not in my casino account but it was booked of my bankaccount right away ,so i click livechat again and then they promise me the next day i should have the money ?!
They next day, still no money same casinotalk from livechat "promi­ses­""p­rom­ises"!
I send also i think 5 emails to them and they never response i talk to live chat about it and again it was the banks fold and i say a sepa deposit was direct booked of my banaccount and they have to receive it,....but no i had it wrong.
They say they had emailed me back about this problem...what never happend i say that to livechat and i have to look at spamemails..pfff i,m stupid i didn,t do that,it was just again not there fold i say it is just €10 deposit and they now have to deposit my deposit to my casinoaccount i was tired to here on there lie,s and i say of they alway,s hold good client,s on the line.
I deposit the same day and the day,s after again at poldercasino and that deposit,s are coming true and credit by my casinoaccount,but why they hold me one the line ....in the first conversation i just have to wait 1 hour?
Now we are allready in may and still i din,t see the promised emails,livechat lie,s to me and keep me on it will coming it will coming,but i think it is wrong to threat regular client,s so bad and that just for a simple €10,- i feel no understanding and cooperation from Poldercasino and i feel stupid that i have many time,s deposit after this bad going story /deposit as regular client.
I,m still waiting for the simple €10 deposit from me to them ,and i just want to share my story to other gamblers so to protect them for deposit at Poldercasino,because they give everybody the fold when a transaction is going bad except there own fold.
So be aware to play/deposit at poldercasino that you don,t loose your deposit money before you even can play with it.Good Luck

posted on May 7, 2015.

Dear player,

what you described is very correct and it does happen that funds are sometimes not credited into a player account. This can have many different reasons from a spilt second malfunction of an internet connections to many other different reasons. This is exactly what happened in your situation and therefor it is important for the casino to trace the funds and have them credited to your balance. As the casino is relying on third party cooperation it can take time which is again what happened here. It does however not take away the feeling that you are not being helped properly which is something that we can only apologise for. It was never our intention to give you this feeling and therefore we have taken your complain to heart and made it a learning experience for us as an organisation. Your ‘lost deposit’ matter will be resolved within the next two days and your balance will be credited accordingly. At the same time I hope you understand our situation as we are relying on third parties that are not always as fast with responding as we would like them to be.

If your deposit is not credited within the next two days please let us know through this forum and again our sincere apologies for any misunderstanding.

Polder Casino

posted on May 11, 2015.

Did you received your deposit, can we close this complaint?

posted on May 15, 2015.

It's a nice practice to confirm if you complaint is resolved or not, thank you.