Slots Jungle Casino - Delaying payment for 8 months

attila Hungary
posted on February 28, 2015.

Dear Support,

I won $2232 in May 2014, and received only $1500 before my account was chosen for security checking in June 2014. My withdrawals have been declined since then. I have still $732 what I would like to get.

As I see on the forum, SlotsJungle and Clara have the willingness to solve these problems. Please check my account and approve my withdrawal.

My username is gat567.


posted on March 2, 2015.

Hi attila,

How are you? thanks for providing your username. Ill check into it.


posted on March 4, 2015.

HI attila,

I received an update from our finance department informing that your payment will be processed within the next 72 working hours.

Please let us know once you received it so we can set this complaint as solved.

Best regards,

attila Hungary
posted on March 5, 2015.


$500 payment is received. I withdraw the rest. Askgamblers can close the complaint, it is resolved.

Thanks to Clara and Askgamblers.