Loco Panda Casino - Delayed payment due to '' random security check '' + no response to emails

distrance Finland
posted on December 3, 2014.

So couple months back I won $1750 from Loco Panda casino using a match bonus of 400% or so. I cleared the wagering requirements for ONCE and this was not my first deposit to this casino; I had lost many prior to this. Clearly my money was acceptable to them as long as I didn't win ..

I made a withdrawal on October 14th. I got a reply on 22nd stating my account had been chosen for a random security check. Since their withdrawal process time is 2 weeks, they took only that to inform me they've cancelled it. This email stated this check would take up to 60 business days, and their T&S state that friday is not considered a business day. I have never heard of a country in which friday is not a business day, and it definitely does not take sixty days to check my account.

I have since sent several emails asking about this and if there are any updates, and even asked live chat who said they'd get back at me; I never got a single reply.

It hasn't been 60 business days yet, but it also shouldn't take that long, and because LP is not responding I feel that I really need some help with the issue and actually get my withdrawals on going.

I've been in a losing streak for over an year and when I finally win and can cover some of my losses .. this happens? You have no idea how frustrated I am by this ..

I'd be thrilled to hear any sort of update from Loco Panda related to this complaint ..

posted on December 9, 2014.

Dear @distrance,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

distrance Finland
posted on December 9, 2014.

I've not received any email whatsoever from Locopanda.. Thing is, since you've blacklisted them in AskGamblers I don't think they will ever reply anymore ..