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Loco Panda Casino - Delayed payment and declined withdrawal 2500$ with no reason

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Loco Panda Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 1000
Posted on December 17, 2014


Hope you can hellp me.The casino(Loco Panda) pay me 1000$ even i make 2500$ withdraw request.When i try to do another cash out its seys 1500$ max can be cashout but in term and cond sey 2500$ max....its just changing all the time..I make two cash out requests one for 1500$ and second 1000$ and after 10 business days was declined with out any reasson or explanation..i go to livechat and the lady didnt know why was declined and sey(-It might take up to 60 business days for our finance department to review your account.) but why ...if i have one cash out already and i didnt make any other deposit with no bonus i should be able to cashout ...they delayed all the time...i have got 1000$ from my winnings in 2 mounths...60 days its soo long time..i pass all th playtrouth limits they give and the bonus they give was taken already so my withdrawable balance its 2610$ . please if u can hellp me..

Kind Regars
Darko USERNAME:dgrozdanov2

Posted on August 9, 2014

Dear @dacolive,
Any update considering your complaint/

Posted on August 9, 2014


I Didnt get any email or explanation why ...i make another withdraw request and waithing ..i contact with live chat and another person sey i will get my winnning but ned to wait ...but when?? different person have a different unswer ...they declined my withdraw with no reason and i will wait again ..after the first 1000$ i got from 3610$ im waithing one mounth to cash out the the other 2610$.......hope will not take another mounth.......

Posted on December 11, 2014

This case has been reopened upon casino management's request. They would like to have all their existing complaints solved and we gladly give this case one more try for a successful resolution.

Posted on December 11, 2014

Hi There

Thank you for reopened this case again.I didn't get any E-mail with a reasson or explanation why.I did so many times a withdraw but nothing yet......

Posted on December 12, 2014

Hello Dacolive
Please note: having reviewed your account, Finance department came to the conclusion that the balance you have now is not withdrawable.
Although you mentioned not playing with other bonuses, your account history indicates that after won with a match bonus you managed to redeem and play with 46 different no-deposit bonuses. Moreover, you tried to use 281 no-deposit bonuses more, but the system didn’t let you to. This is an explicit abuse.
Not to mention the fact that NDB abuse alone contradicts terms and conditions of casino and that you used dozens of them, please note: you won playing with few of NDB’s you played with – Cash25 (maximum cashout = $125) and City15 (maximum cashout $75). All these winnings were generated BEFORE you requested withdrawal, therefore, according to point 10 of bonuses terms and conditions:
“Winnings derived from any bonus are subject to the terms and conditions of such bonus until withdrawal of winnings or the Player account balance has reached zero (0)”
Restrictions of all the bonuses you won with were valid, including both free bonuses mentioned above. Consequently, the maximum you could withdraw was $75. Still, you’ve been paid $1000 which was rather a gesture of good will than a legit withdrawal.
Considering all above mentioned, we can make a conclusion: this complaint is not consistent due to violation of casino’s terms and conditions.
Best regards,
Loco Panda Casino

Posted on December 12, 2014

Hi there

The balance I have on my account are from a jackpot I win before using all that bonuses and there sistem as every other should not allowed the players use with out there authorization.So they alowed players ho win some jackpot's to use this bonuses and making promo with e-mails to use and break there policy on purpose...And the bonus as u sey in the email cash25 (maximum cashout = $125) and city15 (maximum cashout $75 was used after I win a jackpot of more than 3000$ so even they dont wana pay that I still have around 3000$..I pass the palythrouth and the bonus was removed so my winning was withdrawable..I never ever pass there no bonus playtrouth of 25$ x 40 or any other I use so my balance its only from my jackpot win ...Im not the only one ho complaint for this casino for this problem...They dont wana pay players winnings..It takes 5 months for tham to give this no sense simple confusing explanation to you and not to me even I send so manny e-mail's and try to contact tham ...If you can please give me any e-mail or phone number to contact tham....

Thank you ....

Posted on December 13, 2014

Hello Dacolive,
There’s a technical restriction that prevents most of NDB’s abuse (this system didn’t let you use the 281 coupon you tried to use), nevertheless you still managed to play with dozens of them.
No one forced you to play with all these bonuses and the fact that you might’ve received e-mails from affiliates doesn’t justify violating rules in any way.
You mentioned that you have never covered playthrough of no-deposit bonuses (e.g. have never won with them), which is a false statement. You won with above mentioned NDB’s before the withdrawal request. We’ve got proofs of that and can share them with forum in case of necessity.
In other words, your balance consisted not only from the bonus you won jackpot with, it also included winnings from 2 NDB’s you played with. Consequently, according to terms and conditions of the casino, this balance undergoes restrictions of all the bonuses you generated these winnings from, including the maximum cashout restriction of $75
Best regards,
Loco Panda Casino

Posted on December 17, 2014

Upon evidence that we received from the casino this player breach bonus terms. Yes this player get first payment, but after valuation of the player's account it was found that he/she used more then one no deposit bonus.
@dacolive, We don't tolerate Caps Locks letters, please obey our Terms and Conditions regarding complaint in the future.

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