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Box24 Casino bonus winnings taken

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Box24 Casino
Reason Bonus abuse
Amount € 900
Posted on July 17, 2014

Hello everyone,

I have opened an account at 24box casino last month, deposit 150,00 EUR and received a 200% bonus for my first deposit (The Slots Only Welcome Bonus offers can only be used for play on designated games, including Video Slots, 3 Reel Slots, speciality games only (excludes progressive slots, Blackjack and Roulette)). At live support they sead to me, that only progressives, roulette and black jack are restricted games, all other I can play, no other restriction. After two weeks I have made my wagering requirements and try to withdraw (did not played any progressive slots or BJ or Roulette, on slots I have never made more than 5,0 EUR bet on a SPIN), becouse I had 900,00 EUR on my account. My withdraw was canceled, becouse I have made bets more than 6,5 EUR like it is written in their Terms and contitions (While the bonuses are active, the MAXIMUM bet allowed is $6.50 per SPIN). How can I make a SPIN on baccarat that I played!!! I have received this mail (The winnings are voided. The only thing, as a big exception, we will leave the deposit amount in your account, but you cannot redeem another match bonus for it). My winnings were taken of my account and they put my deposit 150,00 EUR back. I then played for a few minutes and got to 200,00 EUR and wanted to cash out becouse I was so pissed of becouse they took my two weeks gambling. And then another shock. When I tryed to cash out there was no funds in a withdraw menu, so I could not withdraw. I could not belive it. I asked at live support why is that so, and they sead to me that I have received a bonus which I can not withdraw. Unbeliveble. I have then put some high bets and lost everything, what else could I do. I think that was not correct from them and I was robbed two times (firs for my 600,00 winnings, and then for 200,00 that I could not withdraw). There should be written that any bets over 6,5 EUR is not allowed and not 6,5 EUR per SPIN. Once again how can I make SPIN on baccarat. SPINS are made on slots!!! Can somebody from 24box casino please explain that!

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