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Betmotion Casino - Won't accepts swedish passport as ID, and that's my only ID

posted on July 17, 2015.

I won 700 Euro on the 60GOT signup offer.

On the site you have to type in your social security number and check a box if it's an ID card or a passport.

Later i got an email from betmotions risk department asking me for KYC.

"Dear Mr. Robin XXX

We would like to inform that to process the withdrawal you need to send us a proof of residence, it must be a picture of the paper which can be any utility bill with your name that arrives at your home, the ID you registered in the site, and a photo that appears your face close to your ID, the department requested it. This is a verification to confirm that you really are the owner of the doc.
Awaiting for your documents. "

Since i Checked the box for passport at their site I sent in a pic of my swedish passport and a pic of me and the passport aswell.

Now they claim that they cant approve my ID since its a 'security risk'

I had a long chat with support and they say that i gotta send in a National ID card wich I dont have.

Not because I can't get one, just because I just dont have a need for it here in sweden.
If I need to identify myself, my passport will do it for me. (In Sweden as all other countries in the world)

Ofcourse I could go to the police, pay 400 sek and get a national ID in 30 days.
but that's not the point here.
The point is that they asked for my passport since i checked that box and inserted my social security number, Now the decline my passport witch is in perfect shape with no other reason than a 'security risk' witch i find pretty odd.
I don't wanna make the claim the they are trying to get rid of me and take my money but that's how I feel.

I can say that Unibet, nexcasino, casinosaga, betsson, maria, expect and nordicbet have all accepted my passport as verification.

I am aware that I have to deposit atleast 10 eur to get my money out and I will as soon as they approve my Passport.

I will gladly upload the pics i sent them to a mod on askgamblers to verify this story.

posted on July 9, 2015.

So, after telling them 4 times in 3 days that i do not own/have an national ID nor drivers licence they still send me this.

"Dear Mr. Robin,

Thank you for contacting

We would like to inform that our responsible department requests a picture of your ID or of your drive licence.
Awaitng for your answer.

For further information, please, contact us by our 24/7 costumer service.

Kind Regards,
Alice Rodrigues."

I have asked numerous times why they wont just accept my ID witch is my passport.
No answers just the above statement and that is is a risk.

I really hope Betmotion will answer this and also as the most important part. FIX THIS.

posted on July 13, 2015.

I guess Betmotion has shown their true colors.

Even tho they have promised me every day since this came up to answer before the time runs out, they did not.

posted on July 17, 2015.

Dear @yeahsurexxx,
Any updates regarding your complaint?
Thank you.

posted on July 17, 2015.

no, no answer why they dont accept my passport. They keep refering to a security risk with no explenation.
Also they upped the wagering from15x to 60x after i already had wagered the money and forced me to wager anoter 3500 eur wich is wierd and imo just another way of getting away with their scam.

I actually got lucky and wagered the 3500 and have over 900 in the account.

Still, I have to get a new id since they wont accept my perfectly fine passport.

So I guess I just have to wait for that.

i would not recommend anyone to use betmotion due to this.

I guess this matter will be unsolved.


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