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BetGuardian Casino - Ripped off

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Disputed casino BetGuardian Casino
Reason Registration issues
Posted on May 16, 2014

I signed up with BetGuardian and deposited a paltry $300. Lost the login info. Emailed the BetG and they gave me a username that would not let me in. I repeatedly attempted to use the login info. they gave me and it never worked. The last email they sent was telling me to use a different browser than GOOGLE! Wow. They had no problem getting the money with my current set up but when I wanted to use my money to bet, I could not get in. Still can't. Maybe this is unique but from my personal experience, this is one shady outfit and I recommend staying away from them or depositing a very small amount at a time like $50 or so.

Can't imagine how you'd get your win cash back. That would probably be impossible.

Eric J Simpson

Posted on November 6, 2012


My Name is Brooke I work for Bet Guardian. I looked in to your issue. I am sorry to inform you that you don't have an account with Bet Guardian. You probably opened it some where else and got confused. We are known for excellent service. Please feel free to contact me any time. You can call me at 1-855-274-8313 and ask for Brooke.

Posted on November 10, 2012

 Hi Eric!

Have you checked this and contacted representatives?

Posted on November 14, 2012

 Please, post your reply, otherwise this complaint will be closed!

Posted on November 18, 2012

Dear @eric,

Please confirm if the issue has been resolved. Keep in mind that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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