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Spin Genie Casino - Admitted ''missed'' payment

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Spin Genie Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount £ 400
salmon30 United Kingdom Message
Posted on December 4, 2017

i am very disappointed in this site after the recent mishap regarding my withdrawal, after all they are quick enough to take money from you when depositing
i have waited since 23rd nov for £400 which in chat was admitted to have been missed by the payment department?
i was assured that it would be processed today as an emergency payment? which never happened,
this is a copy of the transcript of the chat session
craig binnie
Nov 30, 17:40 GMT
Chat started: 2017-11-30 05:29 PM UTC
(05:29:32 PM) Visitor 59153518 is now known as craig binnie.
(05:29:32 PM) craig binnie: need help regarding a withdrawal
(05:29:45 PM) *** Edgars joined the chat ***
(05:29:49 PM) Edgars: Hi, how can we help you today?
(05:30:25 PM) craig binnie: hi edgars i need help regarding a withdrawal i made on the 23rd nov
(05:30:32 PM) Edgars: Ok
(05:30:34 PM) Edgars: Just some quick security questions, can I please have your Username, DOB and Postcode?
(05:30:55 PM) craig binnie: < personal info removed >
(05:31:10 PM) Edgars: thank you
(05:31:12 PM) Edgars: I'll just look at your account. Bear with me a second.
(05:32:48 PM) Edgars: Ok, How I can see our payments team have missed your withdrawal, request. I will add it to our emergency payments list and your withdrawal request should be approved tomorrow morning
(05:34:27 PM) craig binnie: Thanks , not your fault but a bit disappointing i play on other sites and its not happened there
(05:35:30 PM) Edgars: I am sorry for any inconvenience that this situation may cause
(05:36:50 PM) craig binnie: no inconvenience at all
(05:37:05 PM) Edgars: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
(05:37:16 PM) craig binnie: no thats fine thanks
(05:37:34 PM) Edgars: no problem
(05:37:38 PM) Edgars: have a nice evening
(05:40:08 PM) *** Edgars left the chat ***

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