Golden Riviera Casino - Account Locked

posted on September 8, 2015.

I opened an account and received the welcome bonus and after playing on there one night I hadnt played for a couple days and when I logged back in it said my account is locked and when I contacted support they claimed I was a hish risk player due to my affiliation with a list of people that they provided me but I have never heard of them in my life and they wouldnt tell me how I was even connected to these people so I dont feel its right that they can lock my account and withhold my money by not giving me some excuse regarding other people that have nothing to do with me

posted on September 10, 2015.

We can confirm that our Complaints Team has been provided with evidence on behalf Golden Riviera Casino management that player indeed breached casino terms and conditions and more specifically term #3.1.10 - ''If Players are found to be linked to one another via hardware, financial accounts and/or suspicious trends''. Players deposits have been duly returned.

The case is now Resolved and officially closed.